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Sideloadly IPA Installer For iOS 17.1+ Download For Install IPA Files Without Revoke Free | Cydia Impactor Alternative

The Enhanced & Faster Way Of Sideloading Your Favored Games And Apps To Your iOS Device

Sideloadly IPA installer for iOS 16 – iOS 17.1+ is the best Cydia impactor alternative, offering you the ability to effortlessly and quickly install IPA on your jailbroken or non-jailbroken iPhone or iPad. Both Windows and Macs are compatible via Sideloadly download iOS.

Sideloadly for iOS 15 - 16

Download Sideloadly For Windows iOS 7 – iOS 17.1+

Requires Windows 7 or higher

Download Sideloadly For MacOS iOS 7 – iOS 17.1+

Compatibility extends to macOS 10.12 Sierra and beyond, with full support for Apple Silicon Macs, including M1, M2 Pro, M2 Max, and M2 Ultra, making sideloading a seamless experience.

Sideloadly IPA Installer For iOS Features 

🔌 Easy-to-Use: Sideloadly IPA installer is a user-friendly tool that allows you to sideload apps onto your iOS device without any hassle.

📱 Compatible with all iOS devices: Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, Sideloadly IPA installer works with all iOS devices running on iOS 10 and higher.

🚀 Faster installation: With Sideloadly IPA installer, you can install apps at a faster speed than other traditional methods.

🔒 Safe and Secure: Sideloadly IPA installer ensures that your device is safe and secure by verifying the IPA files before installing them.

🆓 No jailbreak required: Sideloadly IPA installer does not require you to jailbreak your iOS device, making it a safe and easy alternative to jailbreaking.

🔗 Multiple app installations: You can install multiple apps simultaneously with Sideloadly IPA installer, saving you time and effort.

💻 Cross-platform compatibility: Sideloadly IPA installer works on both Windows and macOS, providing cross-platform compatibility for users.

👨‍💻 Regular updates: Sideloadly IPA installer is regularly updated with new features and bug fixes, ensuring that you always have access to the latest version.

Benefits Of Using Sideloadly IPA Installer For iOS 

💻 Sideloadly is compatible with iOS and macOS, making it easy to use on a wide range of devices.

🔗 Allows you to sideload apps without having to go through the official App Store, giving you access to a wider range of apps and features.

📲 Simple, user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, even for those without technical expertise.

🚀 Fast and reliable, enabling you to install apps quickly and with confidence.

🛡️ Sideloadly offers increased security and privacy compared to other installation methods, keeping your data safe and secure.

💰 Saves you money by allowing you to install apps for free, rather than having to pay for them through the official store.

👨‍💻 Gives developers greater freedom to distribute their apps and reach a wider audience, without having to go through the App Store’s strict approval process.

Using Sideloadly IPA installer is a game-changer for anyone looking for a simple, fast, and secure way to install apps on their iOS or macOS device. With its user-friendly interface, increased security and privacy, and access to a wider range of apps and features, Sideloadly IPA installer is a must-have tool for any tech-savvy user. Try it out today and see for yourself!

What is Sideloadly install?

Sideloadly is a powerful Windows and Mac tool that allows users to simply sideload IPA files into iOS devices. It’s an excellent Cydia Impactor Alternative for signing IPA files. Sideloadly download iOS allows you to install IPA files on your iPhone and iPad. 

So every IPA file that contains an ARM binary and it can be installed exclusively on an iOS device. You will get the most fantastic IPA files, which also include jailbreak tools, apps, and games, emulators, as well as tweaked IPAs, hack games, and many more.

Sideloadly iDevice is just as simple to use as Impactor. It has a multitude of functionality, beginning with the option to install apps via a paid or free Apple Developer account. You may also adjust the iOS version, remove limitations on compatible devices, modify the app name on your home screen, and edit the application bundle ID for your use.

Sideloadly iPA Signing Tool Compatibility 

Sideloadly IPA Installer Support iOS Versions

Sideloadly For iOS 17.1+ – iOS 17.0 / iOS 17.0.1 / iOS 17.0.2 / iOS 17.1 beta 

Sideloadly For iOS 16 – iOS 16.4 iOS 16.3.1 / iOS 16.3 / iOS 16.2 / iOS 16.1.2 / iOS 16.1.1 / iOS 16.1 / iOS 16.0.3 / iOS 16.0.2 / iOS 16.0.1 / iOS 16

Sideloadly For iOS 15 – iOS 15.7.2 / iOS 15.7.1 / iOS 15.7 / iOS 15.6.1 / iOS 15.6 / iOS 15.5 /  iOS 15.4.1 /  iOS 15.4 / OS 15.3.1 / iOS 15.3 / iOS 15.2.1 / iOS 15.2 / iOS 15.1.1 / iOS 15.1 / iOS 15.0.2 / iOS 15.0.1 / iOS 15

Sideloadly For iOS 14 – iOS 14 / iOS 14.0.1 / iOS 14.1 / iOS 14.2 / iOS 14.2.1 / iOS 14.3 / iOS 14.4 / iOS 14.4.1 / iOS 14.4.2 / iOS 14.5 / iOS 14.5.1 / iOS 14.6 / iOS 14.7 / iOS 14.7.1 / iOS 14.8 / iOS 14.8.1

Sideloadly For iOS 13 – iOS 13 / iOS 13.1 / iOS 13.1.1 / iOS 13.1.2 / iOS 13.1.3 / iOS 13.2 / iOS 13.2.2 / iOS 13.2.3 / iOS 13.3 / iOS 13.3.1 / iOS 13.4 / iOS 13.4.1 / iOS 13.5 / iOS 13.5.1 / iOS 13.6 / iOS 13.6.1 / iOS 13.7

Sideloadly For iOS 12 – iOS 12 / iOS 12.0.1 / iOS 12.1 / iOS 12.1.1 / iOS 12.1.2 / iOS 12.1.3 / iOS 12.1.4 / iOS 12.2 / iOS 12.3 / iOS 12.3.1 / iOS 12.3.2 / iOS 12.4 / iOS 12.4.1 / iOS 12.4.2 / iOS 12.4.3 / iOS 12.4.4 / iOS 12.4.5 / iOS 12.4.6 / iOS 12.4.7 / iOS 12.4.8 / iOS 12.4.9 / iOS 12.5 / iOS 12.5.1 / iOS 12.5.2 / iOS 12.5.3 / iOS 12.5.4 / iOS 12.5.5 / iOS 12.5.6 / iOS 12.5.7

Support for iOS 7, iOS 16.2+ and iOS 17.1+ is provided by Sideloadly. All iOS 11 versions, iOS 10 versions, iOS 9 versions, iOS 8 versions, and iOS 7 versions are supported.

Sideloadly IPA Installer Support Device Models

Sideloadly, a user-friendly IPA installer, is now available for both Windows and Mac users. Easily sign and install IPA files on your iOS 7 to iOS 16 device by downloading Sideloadly today.

Sideloadly Support iPhonesSideloadly Support iPads
iPhone 14 Pro Max
iPhone 14 Pro
iPhone 14 Plus
iPhone 14
iPhone SE (3rd gen)
iPhone 13 Pro Max
iPhone 13 Pro
iPhone 13
iPhone 13 mini
iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12
iPhone 12 mini
iPhone SE (2nd gen)
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11
iPhone XS Max
iPhone XS
iPhone XR
iPhone X
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 8
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone SE (1st gen)
iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6
iPhone 5s
iPhone 5c,
iPhone 5
iPhone 4S
iPhone 4
iPad Pro (M2, 2022)
iPad Pro (2021, 5th gen)
iPad Pro (2020, 4th gen)
iPad Air (2022, 5th gen)
iPad Air (2020, 4th gen)
iPad Air (2020, 4th gen)
iPad (10th Gen, 2022)
iPad 10.2 (2021, 9th gen)
iPad 10.2 (2020, 8th gen)
iPad 10.2 (2019, 7th gen)
iPad mini (2021, 6th gen)
iPad mini (2019, 5th gen)
iPad Pro (3rd gen, 2018)
iPad Pro (2nd gen, 2017)
iPad Pro (9.7-inches, 1st gen)
iPad Pro (12.9-inches, 1st gen)
iPad (2018, 6th gen)
iPad (2017, 5th gen)
iPad (2012, 4th gen)
iPad (2012, 3rd gen)
iPad (2011, 2nd gen)
iPad (2010, 1st gen)
iPad Air (2014, 2nd gen)
iPad Air (2013, 1st gen)
Older iPad minis
iPad mini (2015, 4th gen)
iPad mini (2014, 3rd gen)
iPad mini (2013, 2nd gen)
iPad mini (2012, 1st gen)

Sideloading Apps For Jailbreak On iOS 16

A sideloaded app must be used to do semi-untethered jailbreaks. Apps sideloaded with a standard Apple ID expire after seven days or 365 days if they were sideloaded using a developer Apple ID. You won’t be able to use that app to re-jailbreak it after that point.

To open sideloaded apps when using iOS 16, you will have to take additional steps.

Step 1 > Open Settings app.

Step 2 > Go to Privacy & Security > Developer Mode > Developer Mode ON > Press Reboot.

Step 3 > Unlock the device and confirm your desire to activate Developer Mode when it restarts.

How to download Sideloadly iOS?

Sideloading iPA files with Sidelodly does not require a jailbreak. Sideloadly can be easily downloaded by using the download buttons provided below.

Sideloadly download for Windows

Windows 7 or higher is required.

After downloading a related Sildeloadly file for your windows computer, a simple way to install iPA files for your iDevice. iPA install through Sildeloadly to your iPhone or iPad. SideLoadly iPA Install Guide »

Sideloadly download for Mac

  • macOS 10.12 Sierra or higher is required. Apple Silicon Mac M1 is also supported.

☑️ For MacOS, Sideloady v0.26.3 gets an upgrade with significant improvements.

After downloading Sideloadly to your Mac PC, refer below steps to install jailbreak and non-jailbreak iPA through Sildeloadly App. Guide >>

How to install an IPA file using Sideloadly

How can I use Sideloadly to install iOS apps on any iPhone or iPad? Sideload iOS apps without jailbreak allows you to download and install any iOS application without difficulties. Ensure you have all of the following requirements before going with the step-by-step guide below.

Using Sideloadly, you can sign and install IPA files over Wi-Fi regardless of the OS you’re using. Whether you have a macOS or Windows version, the process is the same. Here’s how to sign IPA files for iOS 15 and install them through the app using Sideloadly.

Requirements –

* iPhone / iPad or iPod

* Windows or Mac Computer

Step 1 > Download and install iTunes and iCloud apps on your computer. (If you have already installed iTunes and iCloud go to below steps)

Step 2 > Download and install the Sideloadly tool on your Computer.

Step 3 > Sideloadly can be found in the installation folder and opened. 

Step 4 > You can now download any of your favorite IPA files to install on your iPhone.

Step 5 > Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to the PC via USB.

Step 6 > Open the Sideloadly app.

Download SideLoadly on PC

Step 7 > Drag and drop any iPA file download which you wish to install to Sideloadly.

SideLoadly Drag and Drop iPA

Step 8 > Start the installation process by clicking the Start button. 

Step 9 > Now enter your Apple ID and Password to install the iPA file.

Sideloadly iPA Install

Step 10 > After installing successfully, Unplug your device in the computer.

– Now you can see that app in your iPhone / iPad home screen.

Tap to run the app and you can see the alert as below. You must Trust the app using below steps. 

How To Trust An iPA Apps On iPhone From Untrusted Developer

App Trust

Step 11 > Go to Settings app > General  > Navigate to VPN & Device Management.

Step 12 > Allow the app to run using this certificate by tapping Trust.

Step 12 > After the Trust app, If you have seen an alert again as below.

iPA Developer Mode On

Step 13 > Go to Settings app > Privacy & Security > Developer Mode > Enable Developer Mode.

Now you can enjoy your apps! 

Inject Tweaks (Deb/Dylib) Into IPA With Sideloadly

Sideloading lets you add dylib libraries to IPA files and dynamically load code at runtime. You can use dylibs to add new features to apps, remove advertisements, and more.

Step 1 > You can download the dylib library or you can build your own custom library.

Step 2 > You need to get a hold of a target application’s decrypted IPA file.

Step 3 > Open the Sideloadly app, which is available for macOS and Windows.

Step 4 > Use the Sideloadly app to import the IPA file.

Step 5 > You can view additional settings by clicking on the Advanced button.

Step 5 > Click Start to add the dylib package by patching the IPA.

Step 7 > Your iPhone should sideload the patched IPA.

Step 8 > Try to make an in-app purchase, and click the popup to cancel.

Famous tweaks including Watusi for Whatsapp, Cercube for YouTube, Rocket for Instagram, uYou twerk, and many others implement a similar type of dylib injection inside IPA files.

How To Fix 3 App Limit Without Jailbreak On iOS 

Users with free Apple developer accounts can sideload more than three apps on their iPhone at once with the help of the free WDBRemoveThreeAppLimit extension. While using an Apple ID that isn’t signed up for the Apple Development Program, you have access to all three app slots or more if you use WDBRemoveThreeAppLimit.

Sideloadly Automatic App Refreshing Now Available

The most anticipated Sideloadly feature is now accessible with this new release, Sideloadly is delighted to announce. You no longer need to manually update your sideloaded apps because Sideloadly will now do it for you every few days.

The entire process is wireless and done through your PC!

Sideloady Updated: Sideload More Than 3 Apps on iOS using MacDirtyCow and Automatic App Refreshing

Sideloady, the renowned iOS sideloading solution, has introduced a significant update. With version 0.40.0, Sideloady now supports the installation of more than three sideloaded apps simultaneously using the MacDirtyCow exploit, just like AltStore

In addition to this game-changing feature, the Sideloady latest update brings a plethora of other enhancements, making sideloading a seamless experience. Stay ahead of the curve with Sideloady’s latest capabilities and enjoy the freedom to sideload multiple apps effortlessly on your iOS device.

Sideloadly For iOS 17 

Sideloadly iOS 17, the popular sideloading tool, has expanded its support to iOS 17. With Sideloadly download iOS 17, you can easily sideload any app onto your iOS 17 device without the need for jailbreaking. Whether you’re using an iOS 17 device, Apple Silicon Mac, or Apple TV, Sideloadly iOS 17 provides a seamless and hassle-free method to install your favorite games and iOS 17 apps. Experience the convenience of sideloading without the constraints of jailbreaking with Sideloadly iOS 17.

How to install Unc0ver with Sideloadly?

Unc0ver Jailbreak can install both online or on PC methods. But sometimes, Unc0ver or any jailbreak app online methods do not work because Apple developer accounts expire for more reasons. So Unc0ver jailbreak can install through Sideloadly with simple steps. Unc0ver Jailbreak download given below button to your Mac or Windows PC and install it on Sildeloadly.

If your device model and version compatible with Unc0ver tool, you can jailbreak your device using Sideloadly method. 

Unc0ver Jailbreak install to iPhone or iPad – Sideloadly guide »
Unc0ver Jailbreak compatibility – Check »

Taurine Jailbreak in Sideloadly

Taurine Jailbreak can install through Sideloadly app. If your device is compatible with Taurine Jailbreak, you can download Taurine jailbreak iPA to your Mac or Windows PC with the given button below.

After downloaded Taurine jailbreak file, follow this guide to install it through Sideloadly app. Taurine jailbreak install on SideLoadly method.

Sideloadly Latest Version Features

Install IPA – For your iPhone or iPad, installing an IPA is challenging, but if you using Sideloadly, you can do it quickly and effortlessly. IPA files may easily be sideloaded into your iPad OS.

Apps can be loaded without jailbreaking – The fact that you can use the app on any device without needing to jailbreak it is a special benefit. The same app has advantages that you can use on a normal iDevice.

Drag and Drop IPA files support – With the help of this function, you may quickly and easily put apps into your iPhone.

Use unsupported applications – Certain apps don’t really support iOS. applications that are technically usable but that iOS does not support. In this situation, an alternative solution is Sideloadly. By using Sideloadly, you may avoid iOS app loading limitations.

Sideloadly [Sideload IPA Files] Pros 

☑️ The iOS 15 versions are supported by Sideloadly.

☑️ Continues to support in-game progress via Sideloadly.

☑️ Sideloading effectively supports both Mac and Windows.

☑️ You can use any iOS app with Sideloadly.

☑️ Sideloadly is a time-saving solution.

☑️ Sideloadly is entirely legal.

Sideload iOS Apps Without Jailbreak

  • There is no need for a jailbreak. Sideloadly repo was designed for non-jailbroken iPhones.
  • Apple Developer Accounts, both paid and free, may be used to sideload apps.
  • Wi-Fi Sideloading, which allows you to sideload and install programs without connecting your device via USB, is now available.
  • The ability to keep your credentials allows extremely fast sideloading.
  • Modify the name of the app that will be displayed on your home screen.
  • There are several installation options available. Apple ID Sideload is the default method, followed by Normal Install and Ad-hoc sign, so every function is detailed when hovered over.
  • The feature UIFileSharingEnabled is activated. Makes it possible for you to see the documents of the sideloaded app on your PC.
  • You may use installation logs to help with issues.
  • The option to hide confidential information in order to make it simpler to get screenshots, create videos online, and share logs for troubleshooting.
  • Sideload iPA Remove the limitation on compatible devices.
  • Capable of including multiple.dylib, .deb, .framework, and bundle files in your iPA compatibility for cydia substrate and substitute framework for non-jailbroken iDevices.
  • Sideload iOS apps without jailbreak compatibility for Windows and Mac OS, as well as a Light/Dark style for mac OS.

Popular sideloadly install iPA files

You can download these iPA files on your Mac or Windows PC and install through Sideloadly tool. 

What Is Sideloadly IPA Installer?

Are you looking for a hassle-free way to install third-party or modified apps and games on your iPhone or iPad, without the need for jailbreaking? Look no further than Sideloadly – the free desktop software for Windows and Mac.

Sideloadly: The Ultimate Cydia Impactor Alternative For Sideloading iOS Apps And Games

Sideloadly app jailbreak is a free desktop software for Windows and Mac that enables you to sign IPA files and install third-party or modified apps and games on your iOS device running on iOS 7 to the latest iOS 16. 

Here are the key features that make Sideloadly the ultimate Cydia Impactor alternative for sideloading iOS apps and games:

☑️ Supports the latest iOS 16 versions as well as version 7.

☑️ Does not require a jailbroken device.

☑️ Requires iTunes installation for Windows (download from official Apple website, not Microsoft Store)

☑️ Supports Wi-Fi sideloading for installing IPAs without a USB cable.

☑️ Allows you to modify IPA files from the advanced options tab, such as changing the min iOS version, removing app restrictions, and modifying app name or bundle ID.

☑️ Supports tweak injection for injecting multiple .dylib, .deb, .framework, and .bundle to your IPA, with or without jailbreaking.

☑️ Comes with a built-in device system logs viewer for troubleshooting issues.

☑️ Offers multiple install options: Apple ID Sideload (default), Normal Install, and Ad-hoc sign.

☑️ Provides support for URL scheme to download and install IPA files directly from the web.

☑️ Offers the option to save credentials for quick sideloading and remove app extensions.

☑️ Provides three different ways to grab the required data for sideloading with Sideloadly Anisette: Local Anisette, Remote Anisette, and No Anisette.

☑️ Requires users to install the Sideloadly Mail plugin for grabbing the necessary data for sideloading.

☑️ Works on a disposable Apple account for now.

If you’re looking for a tool to sign and install IPA files, app sideload on Linux, the only working solution so far is the unofficial version of AltServer-Linux forked by NyaMisty. The project is actively maintained to deliver new features and options added to the official AltServer project.

Sideloadly app install is the best option for sideloading iOS apps and games, especially for those who do not want to jailbreak their device. Its various features, ease of use, and compatibility with the latest iOS version make it a great Cydia Impactor alternative.

Sideloadly alternative for iDevice

Cydia Impactor – Cydia Impactor is indeed the best sideloadly alternative. However, Cydia Impactor doesn’t quite support the most recent iOS versions, including iOS 13 as well as iOS 14. Cydia Impactor is a graphical interface that allows you to install iPA files on iOS devices. Saurik (@saurik), alias Jay Freeman, created this tool. It is free to access for Windows, Mac, and Linux users.

If you want to install iPA files on iPhones, you must first download the iPA files to your computer, which you will then sideload. Cydia Impactor download is definitely the perfect option, specifically for Apple fans. Without any problems, semi-tethered jailbreak tools could also be installed on iPhones using Cydia Impactor.

So why would Sideloadly be used as an alternative to Cydia Impactor?

The Cydia Impactor tool, as we all know, is problematic. To use it, you must have a premium Apple developer account. However, Sideloadly supports both paid and free developer accounts. It has also been made available as an alternative to cydia impactor. However, practically all Cydia Impactor solutions are only available for macOS. Because it works on both Windows and MacOS, Sideloadly is the perfect Cydia impactor alternative.

AltStore Altstore iOS download is the ideal alternative to both Sideloadly and Cydia Impactor. AltStore is also used to install iPA files on your iOS device. Both Windows and Mac OS are supported through AltStore. Altstore offers apps that break the limits of iOS. There’s no need to jailbreak.

AltStore has been upgraded to v1.4.8 in order to support installation of the Fugu14 untether with the Unc0ver jailbreak

3uTools Fully featured flashing and jailbreaking tools for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. 3uTools allows automatic installation of iOS firmware. It is possible to flash iOS in regular, DFU, as well as recovery modes. The one-click jailbreak simplifies and guarantees the jailbreak procedures. Advanced functions such as SHSH backup, baseband upgrade/downgrade, and so on are available.

3uTools can also be used to install popular jailbreak tool iPAs such as Unc0ver, Electra, Chimera, and Yalu. Meanwhile, you are still unable to install the updated Checkra1n jailbreak application from 3uTools. With the exception of the Jailbreak IPA, you may install any iPA using the 3uTools flash technique.

Sideloadly App Installation Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are all the FAQs and answers related to Sideloadly:

How can I enable Wi-Fi sideloading via Sideloadly?

To enable Wi-Fi sideloading on your iDevice, make sure your computer and iOS device are connected to the same network. Then connect your device via USB and follow the appropriate instructions depending on your operating system. 

For Windows, open iTunes, select your connected device, go to Summary > Options, and enable “Sync with this iDevice over Wi-Fi.” 

For macOS, open Finder, select your iDevice under ‘Locations’, go to General, and enable “Show this iDevice when on Wi-Fi.” 

If you’re using an older macOS, open iTunes, select your connected device, go to Summary > Options, and enable “Sync with this iDevice over Wi-Fi.” 

If Sideloadly is not detecting your device wirelessly, you may need to open iTunes. Additionally, make sure your iDevice screen is on to allow it to be detected.

What information does Sideloadly transmit to the Anisette server?

Sideloadly’s server only transmits Anisette data, and this information is only transmitted if you select the “Remote Anisette ” option under Sideloadly’s Advanced Options. 

If you use remote Anisette, the server can only see your IP address, your OS (win32, win64, or macOS), and your Sideloadly version. Sideloadly  team store this information for debugging purposes only, and Sideloadly  team do not share it with anyone. Additionally, your Apple ID and password are only sent to Apple servers.

How many apps can I sideload?

Depending on the version of iOS you have, the number of apps you can sideload varies. 

For iOS 7,  iOS 8, and  iOS 9, there is no limit to the number of apps you can sideload on your device. However, if you have a free developer account, there are certain limitations you need to be aware of. You can bypass these limitations by creating a new Apple ID. 

On the other hand, if you have iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15, iOS 16, or higher, you can only have up to three sideloaded apps installed at the same time. This is because Apple has limited the number of sideloaded apps for free Apple Developer accounts.

 If you have a paid Apple Developer Account, you won’t face any limitations on the number of apps you can sideload.

How do I save my game progress?

The latest versions of iOS prevent users with free Apple accounts from sideloading apps that have the same bundle ID as an App Store app. To sideload on the latest versions of iOS, you need to set a unique bundle ID. However, this means that Game Center may not recognize the app, and you won’t be prompted to restore your save.

Sideloadly does not show my device?

If you are experiencing this issue, there are a few things you can try. 

First, try rebooting your PC and opening up iTunes while your device is connected. Make sure you tap on “Trust” from the popup on your iDevice. 

Then, open Sideloadly. If this doesn’t work, try connecting your device and ensuring that it is recognized by your PC / iTunes before opening Sideloadly. 

You can also try completely uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes. Additionally, make sure that you are using the web version of iTunes.

How can I trust a sideloaded app on my iOS device?

  • Go to Settings on your iOS device.
  • Tap on General and then Profiles/VPN & Device Management.
  • Look for the email address you used to sideload the app.
  • Tap on the email and then tap on “Trust” to allow the app to run on your device.

What versions of iOS are compatible with Sideloadly?

Sideloadly should work on iOS 7 to iOS 16, as well as other iOS versions in the future.

If you encounter any issues with a specific version of iOS, please let us know so we can investigate and improve compatibility.

Can I add any .dylib or .deb files to my IPA using Sideloadly?

Yes, Sideloadly supports all dylib/deb/framework files.

However, some of these files are specifically made for Jailbroken devices and may cause the app to crash on non-jailbroken devices.

Sideloadly will try to automatically update the injected files to support non-jailbroken devices, but it may not always work due to the way the files are made.

How do you use a sideloadly specific password for the app?

Sideloadly partly supports app-specific passwords. App-specific passwords can only be used if you have a paid Apple Developer ID and the anisette option is turned off.

How do I get my Game Center progress back after sideloading?

Apple has made it impossible for customers with free Apple accounts to sideload programs that have the same bundle ID as an App Store app in the newest iOS releases. Sideloadly is compelled to establish a unique bundle ID in order to sideload on the most recent iOS versions, and as a result, Game Center doesn’t really detect the app and will not ask you to restore your data.

How do I enable the Sideloadly Mail Plug-in on macOS?

To enable the Sideloadly Mail Plug-in on macOS, open the Mail app and select Preferences. If you need to login to an email account, you can click on the Other option and provide any random information to access Mail’s preferences. 

In the General Preferences window, go to the bottom and click “Manage Plug-ins.” Then select and enable the SideloadlyPlugin.mailbundle and click on Apply and Restart Mail.

How long can I use a sideloaded app?

A normal and free Apple Developer account only allows the sideloaded app to function for seven days. After seven days, you can sideload the app again using the same Apple ID, but make sure your progress is backed up. If you use an app signed with a paid Apple Developer Account, it can last up to one year.

How can I enable developer mode on my iOS device to sideload apps?

Since iOS 16+, Apple requires users to enable “Developer Mode” on their devices to allow sideloading and installation of apps outside of the iOS App Store. 

To enable Developer Mode, go to Settings > Privacy & Security on your iOS device. Scroll down to the Developer Mode list item, navigate into it, and enable the developer mode switch.

How can I use app-specific passwords with Sideloadly?

Sideloadly partially supports app-specific passwords, but only if you are using a paid Apple Developer ID with the anisette option disabled. If you meet these requirements, you can generate an app-specific password in your Apple ID account settings and use it with Sideloadly.

Can I make legitimate in-app purchases on sideloaded apps with Sideloadly?

Unfortunately, no. Apple prevents in-app purchases from working on sideloaded or enterprise-installed apps. If you want to support the developers and make legitimate in-app purchases, you will need to install the original App Store version of the app.

What Windows versions are supported by Sideloadly?

Sideloadly should work on Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. However, for the best results, we recommend using Windows 10 or higher.

How can I save or load my in-game progress?

To save or load your in-game progress, make sure your game progress is being synced over Game Center, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. 

If the game saves its progress locally, you need to install the IPA and overwrite the one you already have installed. In order to overwrite, the modified IPA must have the same bundle ID, and you must use the same Apple ID when sideloading.

Can I overwrite my current app without removing it?

Yes, it is possible to overwrite your current app without removing it. To do this, sideload the IPA with the same Apple ID that your previously sideloaded app is with. If you previously manually set a custom bundle ID, you need to use the same ID again.

Does Sideloadly support Apple Silicon M1/M2 Mac?

Yes! Sideloadly has been updated to support Apple Silicon MacBook, Mac Minis and iMacs. When Sideloadly is run on an Apple Silicon device, it will detect and display the Mac itself on the device list to install the .IPA to. Sideloadly team has tested it on Big Sur, Monterey & Ventura.

Can I use Sideloadly on Apple Silicon M1/M2 Mac with SIP Enabled?

Yes! Sideloadly has been tested and works on SIP enabled Mac Mini. However, it is currently uncertain about SIP disabled.

Which versions of macOS are compatible with Sideloadly?

Sideloadly is compatible with macOS 10.12 Sierra and higher. However, it is recommended to use macOS Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey, Ventura or higher for the best results.

Why does Sideloadly need access to control “System Events”?

Sideloadly requests this access to be able to automatically launch and close/minimize the macOS Mail app, which is necessary for sideloading to work. You can deny this request, but you will have to make sure the Mail app is open when you use Sideloadly.

I successfully sideloaded an app / IPA, but I can’t find it on my home screen. What should I do?

If this happens, try rebooting your device as that often helps.

How can I fix the “error ‘machineName'” issue with Sideloadly?

Some users have reported that changing your computer’s name can resolve this issue. To do this, search for “computer name” or “machine name” from the start menu.

Why am I receiving a “no permission” error when opening my sideloaded M1/M2 iOS app?

This issue occurs if the IPA you sideloaded was encrypted (downloaded through iTunes or straight from your device). To fix this, you need to sideload the decrypted version of the IPA.

How can I bypass the limitation on my free Apple Developer account for sideloading apps?

Unfortunately, the limitations set by Apple on free developer accounts are non-negotiable. You can either wait for the time period to expire or upgrade to a paid developer account to sideload more apps.

Can I sideload apps on a non-jailbroken iOS device?

Yes, you can sideload apps on a non-jailbroken iOS device using tools like AltStore or Cydia Impactor. However, you may need to renew the sideloaded apps every 7 days.

How do I revoke the certificates of sideloaded apps on my iOS device?

You can revoke the certificates of sideloaded apps on your iOS device by going to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management and tapping on the profile of the sideloaded app. From there, you can tap on “Delete App” to remove the app and its certificate from your device.

Fix Sideloadly Errors

2FA Requested second time – With the newest Sideloadly, it’s no longer a problem.

Your maximum App ID limit has been reached – Apple has imposed this restriction on free developer accounts. To resolve it, you might also wait a few days and retry again, or sideload using a different Apple ID.

Call to np_client_new failed: NP_E_CONN_FAILED – Please ensure you delete it from iTunes before installing the standard online version of Sideloadly. Then after, connect your device and sync this before launching Sideloadly.

The identity used to sign the executable is no longer valid – Check that the time and date on your PC and your iDevice are both current and equal.

Failed to obtain anisette: 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR – A server fault created a temporary problem. If you are getting that message, please try again later.

No space left on device – The error generally indicates that there is no more space on your computer’s hard disk. Actually verify that your PC has enough space for Sideloadly to function properly.

Sideloadly cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified / macOS – Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > select Open Anyway.

DeviceNotSupportedByThinning (Device iPhone/iPadx,y not in Supported Devices list – .IPA does not support the device model you’re using. However, there is a solution if you activate ‘Remove restriction on supported devices’ under advanced settings in Sideloadly and then retry.

no default case defined – Because a file included inside your.IPA is damaged or in the wrong format. Before you can continue, you must first delete the corrupt file from the IPA. 

Ex: /

IncorrectArchitecture (Failed to find matching arch for 64-bit Mach-O input file) – The .IPA file you’re trying to install is incompatible with your device.

What’s New In Sideloadly 

Sideloadly v0.50.0 Update

  • No more need for a Mail Plug-In to access anisette data. The Mail Plug-In remains as a backup.
  • Fixed Device Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) issues, allowing SMS-free access to your Apple ID.
  • Improved Remote Anisette now works seamlessly on all macOS and Windows versions supported by Sideloadly. Exclusive for Patreon supporters.
  • Legacy Remote Anisette is gone, replaced by the superior new version.
  • Downloads now start smoothly with URI links on macOS.
  • Addressed Plug-In issues during Sideloadly URI downloads.
  • No interruptions when selecting a tvOS app icon; issue resolved.
  • Added debugging info for easier issue resolution.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements for an even better Sideloadly experience.

Sideloadly 0.42.1 Update

  • Introducing the ability to select and remove specific app extensions/plugins in Sideloadly.
  • Added a per-app setting to control the timing of automatic refresh, allowing customization in hours (Patreon feature).
  • Support for rootless (.deb) packages in tweak injection.
  • Enhanced privacy by hiding the account name in tweak injection.
  • Fixed Sideloadly Daemon update issue that required reinstallation.
  • Addressed a problem causing Patreon users to log out after a certain time.
  • Resolved the issue where the ‘Refresh All Manually’ option failed to refresh Apple Silicon sideloaded apps.

Sideloadly 0.42.0 Update

  • Added support for sideloading on Apple TV (tvOS) devices, enabling pairing and sideloading with Sideloadly.
  • Automatic app refreshing feature now available for Apple TV or tvOS (Patreon feature).
  • Implemented JIT (Just-In-Time) support for already running apps, improving performance.
  • Expanded compatibility with UTF-16 encoded plist files, increasing support for more IPA files.
  • Enhanced privacy by extending sensitive information hiding to the daemon.
  • Improved responsiveness when loading the JIT submenu.
  • Fixed macOS Mail Plug-In update issue affecting certain Macs.
  • Addressed sideloading issue on Apple Silicon Macs.
  • Fixed JIT error code -27 on macOS.
  • Added troubleshooting information for users experiencing update issues.
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes.

Sideloadly 0.41.1 Update

  • Introduction of Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation feature, enabling JIT on selected iOS apps.
  • Dynamically updating macOS Mail Plug-In to ensure compatibility with current and future macOS versions.
  • Fixed macOS notifications in Sideloadly.
  • Resolved issue with custom app icon not being applied during automatic refreshes.
  • Fixed issue with Apple Silicon apps installing as new instead of refreshing existing installations.
  • Fixed daemon launch failure on macOS.
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes.

Sideloadly 0.41.1 Update

  • Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation has been added to Sideloadly! This feature can be enabled from the daemon’s menu and will automatically open and enable JIT on the selected iOS app.
  • The macOS Mail Plug-In will now dynamically update itself to support your current and future macOS versions. This ensures that the Mail Plug-In will always be up to date and working, eliminating the “Incompatible Plug-In” message.
  • Sideloadly macOS notifications are now functioning as intended.
  • A bug has been fixed where a custom app icon would not be applied on automatic refreshes.
  • Another bug has been resolved where automatically refreshed Apple Silicon apps would install as new instead of refreshing already installed apps.
  • Finally, a bug that caused daemon launches to fail on macOS has also been fixed.

Sideloadly v0.40.0 Update

  • Refreshing apps automatically! Sideloadly will enroll the app and modify injections for automatic refreshing with a single click (ON by default). All of this is accomplished invisibly in the background; all you need to do is sideload an application, as you have done up until now. Please enable Wi-Fi access on the device for the best results; otherwise, the automated refresh will use USB whenever possible. 
  • Included the option to “Refresh All Applications Manually” which can be useful when connecting through USB or if you want to travel for a few days if Wi-Fi sideloading is not accessible.
  • On macOS Ventura, a problem with the Mail Plug-In ought to be fixed immediately. If Sideloadly notices a problem with the Plug-In, it will inquire and make a repair.
  • Improved support for iOS 16 was added. Sideloadly will now alert you if you have used all three of your allowed apps.
  • Resolved a problem where some changes with.bundles would not inject correctly.
  • Added assistance for more deb designs.
  • The choice to alter the app’s icon before sideloading has been added. a Patreon function.
  • For Patrons only, Sideloadly now offers a queue system that enables you to sideload several apps sequentially. Furthermore utilized for automatic refreshing, the queue system is free for this purpose.
  • The possibility to halt the active sideloading procedure has been added.
  • Fields in Info.plist can now be added or changed by Sideloadly. a Patreon function.
  • \Numerous additional enhancements and bug fixes.

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