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Check out the most comprehensive jailbreak coverage with the best jailbreak hub, providing you with iOS news, the latest Cydia tweaks, jailbreak tools, iOS apps, iPhone tutorials, exploit news, IPA files for download, and detailed tutorials on all jailbreak solutions related to the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Mac.

Jailbreak and Alternatives (Popular articles)

Download iRemoval PRO

Download iRemoval PRO

The iRemoval Pro bypass tool is an best way to bypass SIM, FaceTime, and iCloud Sign In on your iPhone.

Blobsaver For SHSH Blobs Saver iOS

Blobsaver For SHSH Blobs Saver

Blobsaver is used to store SHSH blobs on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and AppleTV.

Cowabunga IPA MacDirtyCow Toolbox for iOS 14 – iOS 16

Cowabunga IPA [MacDirtyCow]

Cowabunga is the best way to customize your iPhone / iPad running iOS 14 – iOS 16.1.2 devices without jailbreaking.

Blackw0rm Unlocker Tool iOS iCloud Bypass for Windows

Download  Blackw0rm Unlocker

Blackw0rm Unlocker tool for unlocking iCloud Bypass Activation using Windows PC for free.

Scarlet App Download for iOS Scarlet App IPA Installer

Scarlet App IPA Installer

Scarlet App is an app store that allows you to install jailbroken apps without jailbreaking your device.

IPA Ranger app download IPA files directly from App Store

Download IPA Ranger App

IPA Ranger can download ipa files directly from the App Store for running iOS 13 – iOS 15 devices.

ResSet16 IPA for set screen resolution on iOS 15 - iOS 16

Download ResSet16 IPA

ResSet16 app can  change resolution on iPhone without Jailbreak. It is compatible with running iOS 15.0 – 16.1.2.

GreenSn0w iCloud Bypass Tool for iOS 12

GreenSn0w iCloud Bypass Tool

GreenSn0w is a jailbreak tool based on CheckRa1n. It is a powerful tool that allows you to bypass iCloud and more.

ControlConfig MacDirtyCow CC modules editor for iOS

ControlConfig IPA For iOS

ControlConfig IPA for MacDirtyCow iOS Control Center modules editor tool allows you to edit Control Center iOS.

CarTube IPA iOS for TrollStore YouTube on CarPlay

Download CarTube IPA

CarTube has access to YouTube that includes CarPlay tweaks without the need for jailbreaking (via TrollStore).

Download Checkra1n Windows with Checkn1x Bootra1n

Checkra1n Jailbreak For Windows

Checkn1x is a method for using a Windows computer to jailbreak an iPhone or iPad with Checkra1n Jailbreak.

StatusMagic IPA customize iOS status bar no jailbreak

Download StatusMagic IPA

The StatusMagic app allows you to customize your iPhone using TrollStore or MacDirtyCow apps (no jailbreak).

GodsHand iCloud Bypass Toolkit for iOS 12–iOS 16

GodsHand Toolkit iCloud Bypass

With GodsHand Toolkit, you can iCloud Bypass your iPhone or iPad, activate Hello Screen, boot RamDisk, change the SN, bypass GSM, unlock MDM.

Lock Screen tweaks for iOS

The Best Lock Screen Tweaks

You can customize your iPhone / iPad to personalize your Lock Screen with widgets, new features, and a variety of options.

Evyrest automatic wallpaper changer for iOS

Download Evyrest IPA

You can change wallpapers automatically using the Evyrest IPA on your iOS / iPadOS devices with TrollSore.

MacDirtyCow Jailbreak Dirty Cow Tweak IPA Apps

MacDirtyCow Apps (Tweaks)

The DirtyCow (DC) exploit is a system tweak for iOS 16.1.2 – iOS 15 without jailbreaking.

Cercube IPA for YouTube Download iOS devices

Download Cercube IPA for iOS

Cercube for YouTube – Stream or Download Videos in HD, Block ads, manage and share all your downloads.

WDBFontOverwrite IPA no jailbreak MacDirtyCow

Download WDBFontOverwrite IPA

WDBFontOverwrite is a Dirty Cow exploit tweak to change iOS system fonts without jailbreak.

Install AppCake IPA App Store for iOS 15 - 16

AppCake IPA For All iOS / iPadOS

AppCake allows you to install unsigned IPA files for iOS 13 to iOS 16.2 on all devices.

SFUISoft Clock No Jailbreak to change Lock Screen Clock

 LockScreen Clock Chenger iOS

SFUISoft Clock is the best method to customize the clock on your lock screen without jailbreaking your device.

iCleaner Pro Repo for iOS

Download iCleaner Pro iOS Free

iCleaner is a system cleanup (with all the junk files) and management tool for iOS / iPadOS.

Bullfrog Assistant For iOS IPA Installer

Bullfrog IPA Signer – No PC

Bullfrog Assistant is a free iOS app that enables you to sign IPA files directly onto your iPhone or iPad.

Dynamic Peninsula Tweak Get iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island Feature

Download Dynamic Peninsula

Download Dynamic Peninsula for iOS without jailbreak with the Dynamic Peninsula tweak repo.

Saily Package Manager on iPhone

Saily IPA Package Manager

Saily of the Modern Package Manager for iOS  and iPadOS. It is an alternative for Cydia, Sileo and Zebra apps.

WhatsApp++ Watusi 3 iOS Download No Jailbreak

Download WhatsApp++ iOS

Watusi 3 (WhatsApp ++) for iOS 16.2 to iOS 11 is available for free download.

TrollBox IPA TrollStore app list is the all-in-one tool set for TrollStore

TrollBox IPA (all-in-one tool)

TrollBox can install the best TrollStore apps list free for iOS users.

DarkRa1n iCloud Bypass for iOS 15 iOS 16

DarkRa1n iCloud Bypass Tool

The DarkRa1n is a free tethered iCloud Bypass utility for iOS 15/ iOS 16.2.

DynamicCow unlocks Dynamic Island iOS 16 – iOS 16.1.2

DynamicCow For Dynamic Island

DynamicCow is an alternative for Dynamic Island running iOS 16 – iOS 16.1.1 on all devices.

Goldra1n iOS 16 iCloud Bypass for iPhones

iCloud Bypass For all iPhones

Goldra1n iCloud Bypass Tool is the ultimate solution for bypassing iCloud without jailbreak.

FileSwitcherX IPA sound modifier no jailbreak

FileSwitcherX (Sounds Modifier)

FileSwitcherX for iOS 14–16.1.2 on all devices to customize system sounds without jailbreaking.

3uTools Download

Download 3uTools 2022

3uTools can easily manage apps, photos, music, ringtones, videos, and other multimedia files. Also jailbreak tools can be installed through the 3uTools app.

TrollLock Reborn masks the Lock Screen Face ID glyph

TrollLock Reborn Tweak

TrollLock Reborn is a new tweak to customize the Lock Screen on iOS 15 to iOS 16.1.2 iPhone and iPad devices. It is a non-jailbroken tweak for free.

LowerInstall Tweak


The LowerInstall tweak lets you simulate an iOS device and version. Even when it should function developers often include firmware restrictions.

Apps Manager

Apps Manager (iOS/iPadOS)

The easiest method to delete, backup, and restore AppData from installed apps on your iOS devices is with the Apps Manager tool.

TutuApp for iOS

TutuApp Download Free

The biggest 3rd party app store for iPhone, Android, Apple Mac and WIndows PC

Panda Helper Download

The large number of tweaked apps, Hack games, ++ Apps and more 3rd party apps are free.

Instagram Rocket

Instagram Rocket

Instagram Rocket iPA for all iOS / iPadOS 9 – 16 is available to download free. Instagram Rocket is the best tweak for the social network for posting photos.

Spooferx Download iOS / iPadOS

Spooferx Download Free

Download PokemonGo SpooferX online or using Alstore, SideLoadly. No jailbreak required. Premium features are available for free here.

iPOGO for iOS 16

Download iPogo Pokemon

iPogo is the greatest iOS Spoofing solution for the Pokemon Go iOS app. Using Sideload, download the iPogo IPA file and sign pokemon go spoofing.

SnowBoard For iOS

SnowBoard for iOS/iPadOS

SnowBoard iOS theming Platform is a lightweight tool that comes with the popular WinterBoard theme engine.

i4Tools Download

Download i4Tools

i4Tools is a powerful iPhone Helper to manage apps, photos, music, ringtones, videos, and more on iPhone and iPad.

Delta Emulator iOS Free

Download Delta Free

Delta is all-in-one emulator for iOS. That allows you to emulate and play video games for several video game systems.

DolphiniOS Emulator Download

Download DolphiniOS

DolphiniOS is an emulator that allows you to play your favorite games from your iPhone or iPad. There is no need for a jailbreak device.

Zebra Package Manager

Zebra Package Manager

Simple, Fast, and powerful open-source package manager for jailbroken iOS devices. Zebra download, install Zebra without Cydia, Zebra repo list and more.

iOSGods App Store Free

iOSGods App For iOS

iOSGods is a Non-Jailbroken App Store for install jailbreak apps, tweaked apps, entertainment apps and hacked games without PC.

ZiniTevi iOS Download Free

ZiniTevi iOS Download

ZiniTevi for iOS is a free app to watch TV Shows movies series on your iPhone or iPad. ZiniTevi iOS download streaming Movies, Series and TV Shows online.

ReProvision Reborn iOS Download

ReProvision Reborn for iOS

ReProvision Reborn is a simple jailbreak utility for iOS that enables you to automatically sign IPA files as well as forget about revokes on your iDevice.

TrollTools IPA for TrollStore with iOS 15 theming tool

TrollTools IPA

TrollTools for iOS 15 provides the TrollStore the ability to customize their iOS 15 badges, iOS 15 icons, passcode buttons, iOS themes, and more.

TrollNonce nonce setter for TrollStore iOS 15

TrollNonce for iOS / iPadOS

TrollNonce Nonce Setter is the first open-source tool on iOS 15 to set a nonce.

Mugunghwa IPA for TrollStore with theming engine iOS

Mugunghwa IPA TrollStore

Mugunghwa TrollStore iOS 15 customisation tools for all devices without jailbreak.

AppStore++ Download for iOS AppStorePlus TrollStore

AppStore++ Download iOS

The AppStorePlus -TrollStore hack lets you downgrade installed apps. How to Download AppStore++?.

NiceCaller for TrollStore NiceCaller IPA for TrollStore on iOS 15

NiceCaller IPA Download

The popular jailbreak tweak NiceCaller supports iOS 15 without requiring you to jailbreak your iPhone.

BlizzardBoard icon theming engine for iOS 15 tool

Download BlizzardBoard

BlizzardBoard for TrollStore icon theming tool for iOS 15. Install BlizzardBoard themes iOS 15 – 16.1.1 No Jailbreak

iOS Powerful File Manager for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch iPA

Filza File Manager IPA

File Manager is considered to be the most powerful file manager in the iOS world.

Download PPSSPP IPA for iOS

Download PPSSPP – iOS / iPadOS

PPSSPP is a PSP emulator that can run games full HD resolution. Also It’s save and restore game state anywhere.

FileSwitcherPro IPA For modify hidden iOS preferences

FileSwitcherPro MacDirtyCow App

You can modify hidden iOS settings, and make more system modifications using FileSwitcherPro IPA without jailbreaking.

TrollSpeed for TrollStore download

Download TrollSpeed IPA

TrollSpeed App for TrollStore ultimate network speed monitor and FPS HUD for iOS / iPadOS.

WDBRemoveThreeAppLimit IPA

WDBRemoveThreeAppLimit IPA

WDBRemoveThreeAppLimit IPA is a MacDirtyCow app. It removes 3 sideloaded app limits on the iPhone.