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Delta IPA Download For iOS 16/iOS 15 – iOS 12 | All-in-one Classic Video Game Emulator No Jailbreak

Delta Emulator iOS

The strong CPUs and graphics chips featured in today’s mobile devices can readily play popular video game systems’ classic games. You can experience delta emulator iOS 15, delta emulator iOS 14, delta emulator iOS 16, delta emulator ipa, iOS emulator, delta emulator iOS 15 no computer. You can enjoy your favorite games and more on an iPhone or an iPad using Delta.

Delta iPA Download Free

What Is Delta?

Delta is a fully – featured vintage game emulator for iOS that supports a number of gaming platforms. The top iPhone emulator for fans of Nintendo is called Delta. The incredibly stable download delta for iOS, which is the replacement for the wildly popular GBA4iOS emulator, is available for download from the AltStore.

How to get delta for iOS? Delta for iOS 15 essentially transforms any iPhone or iPad into a fully functional, pocket-sized console delta emulator ipa for leading gaming systems. Additionally, Delta is the logical continuation of GBA4iOS, which upgrades the iOS emulator with new features including greater emulation choices and support with game controllers.

With the delta emulator iPhone, you can sync everything with your data via Google Drive or Dropbox for storage, save your games inside any state, and use Quick Saves when you’ve got an extra controller. You can even lock your favorite saves to prevent overwriting or add cheat codes for more flare to your games.

Delta Supported Emulators – Delta Supported Retro Games

✅ NES – Nintendo Entertainment System – .nes

✅ Sega Genesis / Mega Drive 

✅ SNES – Super Nintendo Entertainment System – .sfc; .smc

✅ Nintendo 64 – .n64; .z64

✅ Nintendo DS – .nds

✅ Game Boy – .gb

✅ Game Boy Color – .gbc

✅ Game Boy Advance – .gba

Delta Emulator Compatibility

Delta Supports iOS Devices

iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro Max / iPhone 13 Pro / iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro /  iPhone 12 Pro Max / iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro / iPhone 11 Max / iPhone XR /  iPhone X / iPhone 8 / iPhone 8+ / iPhone 7 / iPhone 7S / iPhone 6S Plus / iPhone 6S /  iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 6 / iPhone 5S / iPhone 4S / iPad Air 2 / iPad Air / iPad Mini 3 / iPad Mini 2 / iPad Mini / iPod Touch

Delta Supports iOS Versions

Delta for iOS 7, Delta for iOS 8, Delta for iOS 9, Delta for iOS 10, Delta for iOS 11, Delta for iOS 12, Delta for iOS 13, Delta for iOS 14, Delta for iOS 15 and Delta for iOS 16 are all supported by Delta. It was created for iOS devices that weren’t jailbroken, however it works flawlessly with all current jailbreaks like Unc0ver and Checkra1n.

Delta Emulator | The Definitive Installation Guide

How To Install Delta IPA

How to download the delta emulator iOS? You must use a free program like AltStore for Windows, macOS, or Linux to sign and sideload the Delta IPA file onto your iPhone or iPad after downloading it. Alternatively, you may use Sideloadly to delta emulator without Altstore, but you won’t be able to allow JIT compilations with delta emulator for iOS in this situation.

Install Delta With AltStore

Step 1 > Install AltStore on your device by downloading a tool for Mac or PC.

Step 2 > Download the Delta IPA right away.

Step 3 > Use an usb cable to link your iOS iDevice to your PC.

Step 4 > Open AltStore > Browse tab > Find Delta > Start installing.

Step 5 > From your Home Screen, launch Delta Emulator and play the game.

How To Install Delta Emulator Online – Without a PC

Also, famous iOS third-party App Stores allow you to get Delta. So the delta emulator iOS 15 no computer is verified with a publicly accessible certificate that can be revoked by Apple, the no PC technique isn’t always effective. 

Delta iOS – No PC

Delta Online – No PC get in iPA Store »

Step 1 > From your Safari browser, click the Install delta for iOS button.

Step 2 > Tap Install on the “would want to install Delta” message popup.

Step 3 > On your iOS device, Delta will now begin to download.

Step 4 > The Delta Icon will show up on the Home Screen once the installation procedure is complete.

Step 5 > Trust the certificate from an untrusted developer.

Step 6 > Launch Delta for iOS 15 to begin gaming.

Delta Repository For iOS

The exclusive Delta repository for iOS hosts the most recent version of Delta supporting jailbroken devices. You may play your favorite games from a variety of game consoles for free by adding the delta Repository into your package manager and installing Delta Emulator for iOS.

Step 1 > Open Cydia > Tap Sources > Go to Edit > Add Delta repository URL.

Delta Repository URL –

Step 2 > Repo updates for Cydia will happen automatically. Search Delta Emulator and get the free package.

Step 3 > Restart the device, and the Delta icon should now appear on the home screen.

How To Import Games Onto iPhone / iPad Using Delta Emulator

How to get games on a delta emulator? If your games for delta iOS repository is easily accessible from the browser on your iPhone, use this option. Please utilize your personal games for delta emulator iOS in your personal game repository for legal concerns and out of respect for the game creators and publishers out there.

Step 1 > Download the games to your iPhone via Safari. Set the default download folder for Safari.

Step 2 > When it has been downloaded, open the Files app and browse to the download folder.

Step 3 > If the game’s file extension, all you need to do is tap the file. iOS will automatically unzip it.

  • Make sure the game’s file extension matches one of the allowed extensions listed on the above page.

Step 4 > Launch the Delta emulator > Click the “+” button > Select “Files.” > Select the game you wish to import into the Delta emulator by tapping on it in the downloads folder.

Delta Emulator Features

Development of the core emulator cores allows for accurate, full-speed emulation.

The delta emulator for iOS 15 has a great native user interface.

  • With a user interface built from the bottom up for iOS, you can browse and enjoy your favorite games.
  • Delta allows you to choose a graphic from the built-in game artwork library or alter a game’s artwork to anything you choose.
  • For imported games, the Delta game emulator automatically shows the correct box art.

Support for the Delta game emulator controller.

  • Game controllers for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One S, Xbox Series X, and MFi are supported by the Delta emulator.
  • The Apple Smart Keyboard, Bluetooth, and cable keyboards are all compatible by the Delta emulator.
  • Specified Quick Save, Quick Load, and Fast Forward actions can be assigned to buttons.
  • The button mappings in the Delta emulator may be totally customized for any system and controller.

Delta emulator has unique controller skins.

  • With gorgeous built-in controller skins for all platforms, the Delta emulator is enhanced.
  • Create your own controller skins to share with the entire world or import ones developed by others.

Game emulator for Delta has the ability to Save States.

  • Any game’s save states may be saved and loaded using the Delta emulator from the pause menu.
  • To stop save states from being unintentionally overwritten, the Delta emulator offers the option to Lock save states.
  • Support for Quick Saves in the Delta emulator, which are quick save/load states that may be performed with a single button click.
  • The best Delta emulator features automatic save state backups to guarantee that your progress is never lost.

Fast Forwarding is supported by the Delta emulator. Run the game substantially quicker than usual to get through slower segments of games.

You can sync your game saves, cheats, controller skins, game save states, and controller mappings between devices with Delta Sync.

Hold Button features are enabled by Delta.

  • Perfect for games where pressing one button continuously is the usual.

Delta emulator features 3D and Haptic Touch.

  • Quick access to all of your recently played games is made possible through app icon shortcuts, which may potentially be customized to always feature a certain game.

Cheat codes for the Delta emulator.

Delta emulator compatibility for microphone.

Gyroscope support for the Delta emulator.

This much specificity merely touches the surface of Delta. There will be several further updates in the future as the developer continues to work on it.

How To Enable Delta JIT, And Emulation At Full Performance

By assigning several virtual memory locations with various permissions to the exact same underlying memory, Delta allows JIT on iOS. On iOS 14.2 to iOS 15.4, this can significantly increase melonDS’s performance and speed. JIT compilation can only be enabled by AltStore.

After installation, tap on the app icon and use the Enable JIT menu option to enable Delta JIT compiling for the sideloaded application.

Best Delta Emulator Alternatives To Download On iOS Devices


PPSSPP is one of the top Delta Emulator alternatives. Every PlayStation and PSP-based game is supported by the PPSSPP emulator software for iOS. Without jailbreaking your iOS device, you may download and use the PPSSPP emulator to play games.

Download PPSSPP For iOS »

Delta Source Code

The open-source project Delta Emulator for iOS is made available under the AGPLv3 license. Riley Testut made the source code available via the GitHub Repository. Swift was employed in the creation of Delta. As a result, the emulator can operate quickly on every iOS device.

Delta Emulator: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Delta iOS app?

You can imitate and play video games for a number of classy video game systems with the iOS app Delta.

What can Delta emulate?

The NES, N64, SNES, GBA, GBC, and DS emulator Delta is presently available for iOS and tvOS.

Delta emulator iOS 15 free?

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Is Delta app free?

Delta emulator is free! 

Can I Install Delta Emulator on my iPhone?

All iOS devices running iOS 10 or later are compatible with Delta Emulator, which has been particularly tuned to accommodate the iPhone X line of iPhones.

Is it possible to install Delta Emulator on an iPad?

Yes. Delta offers complete iPad compatibility as well as split-screen functionality for effective multitasking.

If I delete Delta Emulator, would my game saves be lost?

Yes. The data may be transferred back to the program once you reinstall it by copying it all to the Database folder upon your desktop. Any data stored in the cloud is secure if cloud syncing remained enabled when you deleted the app, and you may sync it again if you reinstall Delta.

The Delta Emulator allows for game delete?

Yes. Long-press on the ROM image you wish to remove, then hit the delete button and confirm in the popup box. Any ROMs that could be kept in cloud storage won’t be deleted as a result of this.