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NFCWriter XS Tweak For Access iPhone NFC Chip On iOS 16 – iOS 15 [Latest]

NFCWriter XS Access iPhone NFC Chip on iOS 15 - iOS 16

NFCWriter XS Tweak unlocks advanced features of your iPhone’s NFC chip. Scan NFC tags, credit/debit cards, passports, and more! Apple limits its capabilities, but this app offers new functionalities like opening hotel room doors. It supports iPhones 6S or newer on iOS 10 – iOS 16, but requires jailbreaking. Try NFCWriter XS to maximize your iPhone’s NFC potential!

NFCWriter XS Tweak Features

This NFCWriter XS app offers a range of advanced features including:

✅ Read and write most common tag types

✅ Write and copy tags

✅ Copy to multiple tags and format tags

✅ Read/write NDEF messages

✅ Read/write almost all types of tags and read full memory of tags

✅ Emulate tags with UID and NDEF message emulation (ISO-DEP Protocol)

✅ Manage and save your tags in one place

✅ Display information about your tags like Manufacturer, Tag Type, Serial Number, ATQA, SAK, Memory Size etc.

But that’s not all! For the first time ever, you can also:

✅ Read EMV cards (Credit/Debit Cards, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Maestro, etc.)

✅ Read MRTD documents (Passports, ID Cards, Driver Licenses that contain an NFC chip)

✅ Serve a tag from an iPhone to a remote iPhone and emulate it remotely (even in the background)

✅ Send commands manually to tags (Advanced Users)

✅ Assign Activator actions to be performed when a specific tag is detected in the background

All this is possible on jailbroken devices running iOS 10 – iOS 16 with NFCWriter XS Tweak!

Install NFCWriter XS for iOS

How To Add NFCWriter XS Tweak Repository

Looking for a powerful NFC Chip reading and writing tool for your iPhone? Look no further than NFCWriter XS tweak! This powerful NFCWriter XS tweak can be easily installed through the private Limneos Repository, giving you access to advanced NFC features and the ability to read and write almost all types of tags. And if you’re using an older device, NFCWriter is also available via the BigBoss Repository. 

So why wait? Add NFCWriter XS to your list of Cydia Repos today and start exploring the full potential of your iPhone’s NFC capabilities!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to adding the Limneos Repository and downloading the NFC chip reading and writing tool:

Step 1 > Open the Cydia app on your iPhone home screen. 

Alternatively, you can use any package manager of your choice, such as Sileo, Installer, Zebra, or Saily.

Step 2 > Tap on the Sources tab located at the bottom of the screen and then select Edit.

Step 3 > Click on the Add button located at the top left corner of the screen.

Step 4 > A pop-up window will appear, asking you to enter the following repository URL.

💙 NFCWriter XS Tweak Repo –

Step 5 > Click on the Add Source button to add the Limneos Repository to your list of Cydia Repos.

Step 6 > Cydia will now automatically refresh the packages available in the repository.

Step 7 > In the Cydia search bar, type “NFCWriter XS” and select the package.

Step 8 > Install the package by clicking on the Install button located at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 9 > Cydia will now start installing the NFCWriter XS tweak on your iPhone.

Step 10 > Once the installation process is complete, restart the Springboard to add the app icon to the Home Screen.

That’s it! You have successfully installed the NFCWriter XS tweak on your iPhone, and you can now start using it to read and write NFC tags, as well as perform other advanced features that the app offers.

NFCWriter XS Access iPhone NFC Chip

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What Is NFCWriter XS Tweak?

NFCWriter XS is a powerful application that allows you to unlock the full potential of your NFC chip. Whether you want to effortlessly scan NFC tags, credit cards, or MRTD documents such as passports and ID cards, or even emulate hotel room cards to open doors, this app can handle it all. With NFCWriter XS, you can take advantage of the NFC capabilities on your jailbroken iPhone running iOS 10 through iOS 16.

📈 Manage and Interact with NFC Tags with NFCWriter XS

Upon installing NFCWriter XS on your iPhone, you’ll get a feature-packed app that offers numerous functionalities. NFCWriter XS allows you to read the most common tag types, read, write, copy, and format tags, as well as read and write NDEF messages.

 Furthermore, the app lets you read the full memory of tags, making it a highly versatile and efficient tool for managing and interacting with NFC tags.

📶 Compatible with High-Frequency NFC Tags on iOS Devices

While NFCWriter XS is compatible with high-frequency NFC tags (13.56MHz), low-frequency RFID tags are not supported due to the limitations of iOS devices. 

However, the app is compatible with various tag types, including ISO 14443, Mifare, ISO 15693, and ISO-DEP, among others. With NFCWriter XS, you can unlock the full potential of your iPhone’s NFC capabilities and seamlessly manage and interact with NFC tags.

🔍 Discover and Manage Your NFC Tags with NFCWriter XS

Are you interested in using your iPhone to read and write to NFC tags? With NFCWriter XS, you can easily display detailed information about your tags, including manufacturer, type, serial number, memory size, and more. Plus, you can perform actions based on the contents of your tags and save them for future use.

But that’s not all. NFCWriter XS even supports tag emulation with UID and NDEF message emulation through the ISO-DEP protocol. This means you can use your iPhone to emulate an NFC tag and communicate with other NFC-enabled devices. It’s a powerful tool for anyone who works with NFC technology.

📲 Emulate NFC Tags with Ease

If you’re looking to emulate an NFC tag on your iPhone, NFCWriter XS has you covered. With the app’s emulation feature, you can emulate a tag’s UID and include NDEF messages. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the app cannot emulate the entire tag’s memory or encrypted information.

As a result, the emulation feature may or may not work when attempting to emulate a security tag, such as door-opening tags. But for most other uses, NFCWriter XS is a great choice for emulating NFC tags and communicating with other NFC-enabled devices.

💳 Read EMV Cards and MRTD Documents with NFCWriter XS

With the latest version of NFCWriter XS for iOS 15, you can do more than just read and write NFC tags. The app now includes a new option that enables you to read EMV cards, such as credit and debit cards from popular providers like Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Maestro.

But that’s not all. NFCWriter XS also allows you to read MRTD documents, including passports, ID cards, and driver licenses that contain an NFC chip. This makes it a valuable tool for anyone who needs to access information from these types of documents quickly and easily.

📱 Assign Actions to Specific Tags with NFCWriter XS

With NFCWriter XS, users can customize their NFC tag interactions like never before. The app allows you to assign specific actions to be performed when a certain tag is detected in the background. 

This feature is perfect for hands-free actions, like launching an app or opening a website, and can be incredibly helpful in everyday life. Additionally, advanced users can send commands manually to their tags, while others can even serve a tag from their iPhone to a remote iPhone and emulate it remotely. NFCWriter XS can be purchased for $3.99.

🔧 Customizable Settings in NFCWriter XS

NFCWriter XS is all about giving you the best possible experience with your NFC interactions. The app includes several customizable settings to make sure you get the most out of every interaction. 

You can enable continuous scanning to ensure you never miss a tag, as well as autosave NDEF records and tags for easy access later on. Users can also choose to receive a prompt before launching an action, display emulation, and view the last scan log. Additionally, you have complete control over your saved records and tags, offering you a more personalized experience.

🛠️Restart NFCD Daemon with NFCWriter XS

NFCWriter XS 3.2.106 goes beyond relying solely on Apple’s NFC framework by operating on a driver level, which offers improved performance and reliability. As a result, you can restart the NFCD daemon directly from the app settings pane. This demonstrates the developer’s extensive research and commitment to providing users with the best possible solution to access the iPhone’s NFC Chip.

Aemulo: An alternative to NFCWriter XS

If you’re looking for an alternative to NFCWriter XS, Aemulo is a great option. Aemulo offers similar features, including the ability to assign actions to specific tags and add cards to Wallet. This tweak supports all iPhones running iOS 13+ on Unc0ver jailbreak or Checkra1n jailbreak, giving you the freedom to choose the best option for your device. Plus, the ability to invoke cards from the lock screen is a great added bonus.

Install NFCWriter XS tweak for iOS

Who Create NFCWriter XS

Elias Limneos is a well-known name in the world of iOS jailbreaking, and for good reason. He’s the brains behind many popular tweaks, including NFCWriter XS. This powerful tweak allows users to read and write NFC tags directly from their iPhone, which can be used for a variety of purposes, such as automation or unlocking smart locks.

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What’s New In NFCWriter XS

NFCWriter XS has undergone several updates and changes in its different versions. Here is a summary of the technical changes and improvements made to each version of the app:

NFCWriter XS V4.0-100

  • Added support for the latest iOS 15 and iOS 16 operating systems.
  • Proper dark mode support has been added for improved user experience.
  • Fixed tag type detection issues.

NFCWriter XS V3.2-106

  • Fixed some issues that were found on iOS versions greater than 14.4.

NFCWriter XS V3.2-77

  • Addressed a substitute crash issue.
  • Added support for iOS 14.
  • Improved recognition of EMV cards.

NFCWriter XS V3.2-37

  • The “Fix Scanning Issues” option has been removed for newer devices as it is no longer needed.

NFCWriter XS V3.2-13

  • Added support for Mifare Ultralight, including read, write, read memory, and format options.
  • Fixed an issue with some devices not emulating the correct custom UID.
  • Minor fixes for iPhone 6S.

NFCWriter XS V3.1-254

  • Improved scanning for ISO-DEP tags across all devices and iOS versions.
  • Mifare read memory, format, and erase methods have been improved.

NFCWriter XS V3.1-2

  • Fixed an issue with newer devices using CRC checksums.
  • Significantly improved device compatibility.

NFCWriter XS V3.0-2

  • Added support for iOS 13.
  • An option has been added to the settings to improve support for more devices.
  • Fixed several issues.

NFCWriter XS V2.0-5

  • Added support for iOS 12.

NFCWriter XS V0.4-81

  • Addressed a reported issue with the Camera application remaining open in the background.

NFCWriter XS V0.4-78

  • Fixed issues with reading memory, formatting Mifare tags to NDEF, and erasing Mifare memory for some Mifare tag types.

NFCWriter XS V0.4-2

  • Fixed conflicts with Apple Pay.
  • Activator actions can now be assigned upon tag detection.
  • Desfire Tag Information has been added.
  • Read Tag Memory, Format Mifare Tags, and Erase Mifare Memory options have been added.
  • An option to automatically launch NFCWriter upon respring has been added.
  • An option to show/hide background mode banners has been added.

NFCWriter XS V0.3-9

  • Fixed full-screen UI issues on some devices.
  • Fixed UI glitches on iPhone SE devices.
  • Transmission errors have been addressed.
  • Detection of launch issues has been added.

NFCWriter XS V0.2-7

  • Ability to paste UIDs in the Emulation field has been added.
  • The option to choose a UID in Emulation from the saved tags list has been added.
  • The ability to save found tags information, not just NDEF messages, and Saved Tags management options have been added to the settings.
  • The option to force-enable MIFARE Classic tags discovery has been added.
  • A date parsing issue in MRTD documents that could cause incorrect authentication has been addressed.
  • A hang issue when removing particular tags from proximity has been fixed.
  • The option to restart NFCD daemon has been added.
  • The option to select activation modes during discovery has been added.
  • The option to assign/reset RF Discover Map has been added.
  • Issues with read session startup have been fixed.
  • Tag Emulation without an NDEF message is now recognized.

The updates and changes made to each version of NFCWriter XS have resulted in significant improvements to the app’s functionality, compatibility, and user experience.