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TrollBox IPA Best All-in-One TrollStore Tools Apps For iOS Users [Latest] TrollStore App Pack

TrollBox IPA for all-in-one tool set for TrollStore app list

The TrollStore app TrollBox for iOS free download offers all of the TrollStore app list. There are many tiny tweaks available for TrollStore that let you change various iOS system components without having to jailbreak. TrollBox for iOS download is an app by c22dev that unifies the majority of the changes into a single package and supports all TrollStore devices.

Download TrollBox IPA For iOS Users | No Jailbreak

TrollBox IPA supports TrollStore 2 on iOS 15.5 – iOS 17.0 and TrollStore on 14.0 – 15.5 beta 4, compatible with arm64 (A8 – A11) and arm64e (A12 – A17 / M1 – M2) devices.

TrollStore Compatibility Checker

TrollBox TrollStore App Features

Through the combination of many of these TrollStore initiatives into a single TrollStore app, TrollBox seeks to be the key solution. TrollBox functions by integrating a variety of features found in many other TrollStore projects into a single interface, which discourages users from installing multiple apps.

Each of the following is currently supported by TrollBox TrollStore apps:

πŸ”° AirSpammer – A handy tool that allows you to spam AirDrop requests with ease, filling up the recipient’s device with endless notifications.

πŸ”° Carrier Changer – Give your device a personalized touch by changing the carrier name displayed on the status bar.

πŸ”° Location Simulator – Trick your friends and family by simulating your location to be anywhere in the world.

πŸ”° Password Keys Themer – Add a personal touch to your lockscreen by customizing the password keys to match your style.

πŸ”° Superviser – Keep a watchful eye over your device by supervising it to ensure optimal performance and security.

πŸ”° Gesture Navigation – Bring the latest navigation experience to your older device by enabling gesture navigation, just like iPhone X.

πŸ”° Lock After Respring – Choose whether or not to lock your device automatically after a respring, for added security.

πŸ”° Wallpaper Setter – Personalize your device’s look by setting light or dark mode wallpapers with ease.

πŸ”° Dock/HomeScreen settings – Customize your dock and home screen to your heart’s content with custom settings.

πŸ”° Wallet Image Editor – Make your Wallet cards truly unique by using custom images.

πŸ”° Custom Fonts – Give your device a unique look by importing custom fonts for a truly personalized experience.

πŸ”° Custom Lock Screen Text – Add a personal touch to your lockscreen by customizing the bottom text to match your style.

πŸ”° Disable Camera SFX – Turn off the annoying camera shutter sound, making your photography sessions more discreet.

πŸ”° Disable screen time – Keep your focus on the task at hand by disabling screen time and reducing distractions.

πŸ”° Other Minor Tools – Numerous other minor tools, including setting custom fonts and customizing the lock screen, are included in TrollBox for your convenience.

πŸ”° AirSpam

πŸ”° Carrier Changer

πŸ”° Location Simulator

πŸ”° PassFace theming

πŸ”° Superviser

πŸ”° Gestures

πŸ”° Lock after respiring

πŸ”° Wallpaper setter

πŸ”° Wallet Image editor

πŸ”° Custom Font for iOS

πŸ”° Footer Text on Lock Screen

πŸ”° No Camera SFX and various tools

The creator aims to add support for the following more TrollStore applications, so the TrollStore app list won’t end there.

πŸ”° IIcon Theming

πŸ”° Home Screen Layout Editing

πŸ”° Ringtone Manager and more to come!

πŸ”° Icon theming 

πŸ”° Crash Logger

πŸ”° Home Screen layout editing

πŸ”° Ringtone manager

πŸ”° Downgrader

πŸ”° Network Manager

πŸ”° System info

πŸ”° Nonce setter and more!

TrollBox TrollStore app for iPhone and iPad

How To Download TrollBox IPA For Your Favorite TrollStore

The iOS 14 up to iOS 15-compatible devices are compatible with the TrollBox app, which contains all TrollStore tools. Credit goes to the TrollStore permanent IPA installer, TrollBox was made available as an IPA package with the possibility to install the program on non-jailbroken devices running iOS 14.0 up to iOS 15.5b4. The program is currently in alpha version.

Install  TrollBox IPA Online Method

Step 1 > On your iPhone, download and install the TrollStore app for iOS.

Step 2 > In the mobile Safari, download TrollBox IPA for iOS.

Step 3 > In the Files app, open the TrollBox IPA file that was downloaded.

Step 4 > Share the TrollBox TIPA file with the TrollStore.

How To Download TrollBox IPA For TrollStore Step 1

Step 5 > Tap the install button then TrollStore installed the TrollBox app.

How To Download TrollBox IPA For TrollStore Step 2

Step 6 > From the Home Screen, open the TrollBox iOS app that has been installed.

TrollStore IPA Library For iOS

Install iOS iPA files, tweaks and ++ apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The top IPA collection of IPA for hacked games, TrollStore app list, best TrollStore apps, youtube++, facebook++, twitter++, snapchat++, instagram++, movieBox, spotify++ and many more. All applications are free to download, without any redirects.

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TrollStore App List

TrollBox TrollStore support app that embeds all TrollStore tools.

🧿 TrollTools – Some extensions and functions, but mainly some tools/assets

🧿 Jaility – Supervising features

🧿 TrollStore  – Importing objC libs from TrollStore shared

🧿 WallpaperSetter – The app in itself 

🧿 AirTroller – AirDrop spammer

🧿 Cardio – Image for apple pay

🧿 NoCameraSound – No camera sound

🧿 WDBFontOverwrite – iOS font changer

🧿 Mugunghwa – Badge

🧿 CySxL – iOS14 tester

The Best TrollStore Apps

SpooferX Cool Features

With the iOS software TrollNonce, you may configure nonce on iOS 15.0 up to iOS 15.5 b4. Supported devices range from A10 to A15. The baseband signing ticket, the APTicket, and SEP all employ the TrollNonce Nonce signing mechanism, which is important to allocate Apple’s cryptographic signature hash blobs (SHSH blobs). A random string of characters is produced each time you restore your device.

πŸš€ Download TrollNonce IPA  Β»

TrollTools IPA For TrollStore Users

You may apply jailbroken themes on standard iOS 15 thanks to the iOS 15 tweaking app TrollTools for TrollStore. It also makes it feasible for other features. Troll tools download, themes for troll tools, trolltools github, troll tools iOS 16, troll tools available for free. This TrollTools theme engine, which transforms native icons and allows web clips for system programs, is perhaps the most advanced one.

πŸš€ How To Use TrollTools Β»

Mugunghwa TrollStore Enabled App

TrollStore was developed to sideload iOS firmware with insecure iOS apps without utilizing revoked IPAs. It can also do extra tasks like allowing programs accessibility to the system root, though. By encouraging users to customize and adjust iOS devices without the need for a jailbreak, Mugunghwa IPA for TrollStore enters the competition. It is used by Mugunghwa for iOS to enable passcode, badge, and icon customization in iOS 15. Explore more to see what solutions are absolutely viable.

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TrollBox Compatibility

TrollBox Support iOS And iPadOS Versions

TrollBox For iOS 17 – iOS 17.0

TrollBox For iOS 16 – iOS 16, iOS 16.0.1, iOS 16.0.2, iOS 16.0.3, iOS 16.1, iOS 16.1.1, iOS 16.1.2, iOS 16.2, iOS 16.3, iOS 16.3.1, iOS 16.4, iOS 16.4.1, iOS 16.5, iOS 16.5.1, iOS 16.6, iOS 16.6.1, iOS 16.7, iOS 16.7.1, iOS 16.7.2.

TrollBox For iOS 15 – iOS 15.6 Beta 1 / iOS 15.6 Beta 2 / iOS 15.6 Beta 3 / iOS 15.6 Beta 4 / iOS 15.6 Beta 5 / iOS 15.5 Beta 1 / iOS 15.5 Beta 2 / iOS 15.5 Beta 3 / iOS 15.5 Beta 4 / iOS 15.4.1 / iOS 15.4 / iOS 15.3.1 / iOS 15.3 / iOS 15.2.1 / iOS 15.2 / iOS 15.1.1 / iOS 15.1 / iOS 15.0.2 / iOS 15.0.1 / iOS 15

TrollBox For iOS 14 – iOS 14.8.1 / iOS 14.8 / iOS 14.7.1 / iOS 14.7 / iOS 14.6 / iOS 14.5.1 / iOS 14.5 / iOS 14.4.2 / iOS 14.4.1 / iOS 14.4 / iOS 14.3 / iOS 14.2.1 / iOS 14.2 / iOS 14.1 / iOS 14.0.1 / iOS 14

TrollBox For iPadOS 15 – iPadOS 15.1.1 / iPadOS15.1 / iPadOS 15.0.2 / iPadOS 15.0.1 / iPadOS 15

TrollBox For iPadOS 14 –  iPadOS 14.8.1 / iPadOS 14.8 / iPadOS 14.7.1 / iPadOS 14.7 / iPadOS 14.6 / iPadOS 14.5.1 / iPadOS 14.5 / iPadOS 14.4.2 / iPadOS 14.4.1 / iPadOS 14.4 / iPadOS 14.3 / iPadOS 14.2.1 / iPadOS 14.2 / iPadOS 14.1 / iPadOS 14.0.1 / iPadOS 14

What Is TrollBox For iOS?

A new tool called TrollBox for TrollStore combines the majority of the significant and minor updates issued for iOS 14 through iOS 15 into a single app. The TrollStore no PC installer enables all functionalities to operate without the requirement for jailbreaking. Change the carrier name, customize the faces on your Passcode, create a phony GPS position, and much more.

When TrollBox has been sideloaded via iPA for TrollStore, you may access it from the Home Screen just like any other app that has been downloaded from the App Store. It incorporates some source code from adjustments including best TrollStore apps of WDBFontOverwrite, WallpaperSetter, Cardio, Jaility, AirTroller, TrollTools, and Jaility.

Moreover, TrollStore download for AirSpam module, LockSim, and a wallpaper setter with dark and light modes are provided. The first free app that enables you to spoof your GPS locations without jailbreaking is TrollBox. Put your iPhone at a new position across the entire system. Every feature is free to use.
On iOS & iPadOS 14.0-15.4.1 (and certain 15.5 betas) running devices, a variety of apps employ the TrollStore perma-signing service, which has become incredibly popular. Without a jailbreak, iOS 14 and iOS 15 may be modified thanks to TrollStore, which gives TrollBox access to several restricted system areas. As a result, TrollStore apps installing the software through any other method are avoided since it will not function. Also only compatible with select iOS versions is TrollStore.

TrollBox TrollStore app with all TrollStore tools

Based on earlier adjustments, TrollBox for TrollStore provides practically everything within a small package. Users may modify the carrier name, the Apple Pay cards’ picture, the color of the symbol badge, or the faces’ images using the Passcode Themer. The TrollBox carrier name switcher recognizes the existing carrier name shown within Status Bar. You may enter your own text value as well as use it when you press on it. This carrier switcher is unstable right now and doesn’t work for everyone.

TrollBox has other capabilities you may enable, such as changing your device’s design to the iPhone XS layout. Although there may be some UI hiccups and the screenshot feature is not yet functional, it is completely secure. In the Control Center toggle, there is also a monitoring enabler and a display mute switch. The user must provide their GPS coordinates for latitude and longitude in order to manually apply some of LocSim’s basic functions. 

The option to allow the delayed OTA updates is one of the lots of different things that supervised features are used to accomplish. It implies that you can install an earlier version of iOS that is no longer signed after it has been activated. Just the Apple Configurator, a feature of macOS, was required to make this alteration. You may accomplish this on a smartphone running iOS 15 by utilizing the Jaility app.

Who Developed TrollBox TrollStore App list

TrollBox is currently being developed by iOS developer c22dev, who promises to include more functionality like  Home Screen layout editing, Crash Logger, Icon theming, Ringtone manager, Downgrader, Network Manager, Nonce setter (depending on OPA’s code) and System data.

TrollBox Source Code GitHub 

The GPL 3.0 License was used to provide TrollBox IPA for TrollStore as an open source project. Through the official GitHub Repository, TrollBox’s source code was made available. Although the SwiftUI programming language is used to create the app interface, C and Objective-C are also used.

What’s New In TrollBoxΒ 

TrollBox Beta 0.2

  • Enhanced LocSim picker for user-friendly location selection.
  • Choose your location effortlessly by tapping on the map.
  • Now supports seamless integration with TrollStore 2, requiring TrollStore v2.0.7.

TrollBox Beta 0.1

  • TrollBox now supports iOS 16.
  • A ScreenTime disabler was introduced.
  • DirtyCow tools were added.
  • Revised features were added.
  • Added a remover for region limitations.
  • Fixed a number of bugs.
  • Unmoving Gestures.
  • Improved Redesigned UI.

TrollBox Alpha 0.0.8

  • Lock Screen Footnote
  • iOS System Font Changer
  • No Shutter Sound
  • Hide/Show Mute Switch in CC
  • Respring icon + discord icon (discord icon may acting strange)
  • Fixed Typo errors
  • The Carrier Name Changer was removed because it is not working at the moment. There will be more advanced features/ways to implement it, coming soon.

TrollBox Alpha 0.0.7

  • Problem with the passcode theme in light mode
  • AirSpammer remark from Carrier Changer: If nobody is there, LocSim will not display any user interface (just a link)
  • Fix for locking upon respring
  • SIGNAL X (supposed to be fixed)

TrollBox Alpha 0.0.5

  • AirSpammer is available!
  • UI fixes
  • In progress badge changer present in the code

TrollBox Alpha 0.0.4

  • It’s possible to create bespoke locations thanks to LocSim.
  • There are now Custom Apple Pay Images.
  • Many UI bugs were addressed 
  • Fixed a number of problems, including the Rebuild Icon Cache bug and the proper functioning of Disabling Supervising.

TrollBox Alpha 0.0.2

  • Added Passcode Theme
  • There is a WalSetter remnant, and there is now also an option to disable supervision.
  • Fixed UI flaws