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Watusi 3 For Whatsapp IPA Download iOS | The Perfect All-In-One Tweaks For WhatsApp On iPhone & iPad

Watusi 3 for WhatsApp tweaks for iOS

The Whatsapp Watusi 3 iPA for iOS 15 and iOS 16 is just a customized version of WhatsApp++ with advanced functionality. Your iPhone, iPad, and iPod with the most updated iOS version all can run Watusi 2 for whatsapp iOS 15 download without requiring a jailbreak. You also personalize WhatsApp messaging with Watusi, an all-in-one tool. Watusi whatsapp download offers a variety of tools that let you expand and configure WhatsApp as you see fit while still ensuring your privacy.

Install Watusi For iOS Without PC

๐Ÿš€ Installing Via TrollStore ยป 

๐Ÿš€ Installing Via Online ยป

๐Ÿš€ Installing Via Cydia ยป

Install Watusi For iOS With PC

๐Ÿš€ Get Watusi For Whatsapp On Jailbroken Devices ยป

๐Ÿš€ Download Watusi For Non-jailbroken Devices ยป

Download WhatsApp++ Watusi 3 IPA For iOS

Watusi 3 WhatsApp IPA
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Watusi 3 WA Business

How To Download And Install Watusi Whatsapp IPA For iOS

The Watusi 3 tweak may be installed via AltStore, Cydia Repository or via sideloading the packaged Watusi 3 for WhatsApp IPA onto any device without jailbreak because Watusi 2 for whatsapp iPhone download functions with both jailbroken as well as non-jailbroken devices. Installing Watusi 3 on WhatsApp with no need for a PC is an additional alternative.

Download Watusi For WhatsApp On Non-jailbroken iDevices

A full guide for downloading and installing Watusi 3 for WhatsApp tweaks on iPhone and iPad is provided here. To avoid installing incorrectly, you can refer to the Watusi 3 for whatsapp guide for comprehensive steps.

How To Install Watusi 3 IPA With TrollStore | Watusi Without Jailbreak No PC

The Watusi 3 for whatsapp iPhone install through TrollStore tweak has just been released. With the TrollStore and this version of WhatsApp, you may use iOS 15.0 up to iOS 15.1.1 on non-jailbroken devices.

TrollStore is an IPA installer that makes use of the CoreTrust flaw uncovered by Linus Henze which enables users to install Watusi 3 for whatsapp iPhone IPA files onto jailbroken and jailed iDevices running iOS 15 up to iOS 15.1.1 indefinitely without revocation. No jailbreaking is necessary! With this tool, Watusi For WhatsApp TrollStore may be installed.

Step 1 > You must first install the TrollStore IPA Installer on your iOS devices. 

Step 2 > Download the Watusi 3 IPA and save it to your device.

WhatsApp IPA For TrollStore

Step 3 > Open the downloaded Watusi WhatsApp file in the Files app.Step 4 > Send the Watusi WhatsApp IPA to the TrollStore app.

Instrall Watusi 3 for iOS Step 1

Step 5 > Tap Install button. The Watusi for whatsapp iPhone automatic installation begins.

Instrall Watusi 3 for iOS Step 2

Step 6 > After installation you can access the installed Watusi WhatsApp for iOS 15 from Home Screen.

Instrall Watusi 3 for iOS Step 3

How To Install Watusi 3 IPA With Sideloadly

Windows / macOS users also install Sideloadly to run Watusi IPA on their iPhone. For a time frame of seven days, a program can be signed without a developer certificate using a free Apple account. The app will fail to function at that point and is revoked. Install it once more when it happens.

Instrall Watusi 3 for WhatsApp tweaks on iOS Sideloadly

Step 1 > From the button at the top of this page, download Watusi 3 for WhatsApp.

Step 2 > Depending on the operating system on your PC, download Sideloadly. After that, open it.

Step 3 > Your iPhone or iPad should be connected to the PC using USB.

Step 4 > In the Sideloadly tool, drag the downloaded  Watusi 3 IPA file.

Step 5 > Give the password and your Apple ID. and then use the Apple ID verification code to confirm it.

Step 6 > Waiting till the IPA installation process is completed.

Step 7 > Go Settings app > Profiles & devices management > Trust the developer. 

Step 8 > The Watusi 3 for whatsapp IPA sideloading is now done. Then launch the Watusi 3 for whatsapp installation from your phone and take advantage of it.

How To Install Watusi For iOS Online Via Safari

Using a direct online method , Watusi 3 for WhatsApp may be downloaded and installed on your iPhone or iPad. You can try installing it without a pc through the direct links provided below. Apple frequently revokes the public certificate that is used to certify the tool, making watusi 3 for whatsapp install impossible to install iPogo.

Watusi WhatsApp Install Direct Online | No PC

Step 1 > In the Safari browser, tap the Watusi 3 for WhatsApp button.

Step 2 > Would you like to install Watusi for WhatsApp? asks you to do so. Click Install.

Step 3 > Your Home Screen will display the Watusi WhatsApp app.

Step 4 > Then go to Settings โฎž General โฎž Device Management.

Step 5 > Go to the Enterprise App Certificate section โฎž Trust it.

Step 6 > Now you can open the Watusi 3 for WhatsApp from your Home Screen.

Get Watusi On Jailbroken Devices With Cydia

Watusi 3 For WhatsApp Repository

Add the Watusi 3 for WhatsApp Repo to your list of Cydia Sources and install the package to install the tweak. It is quite easy to add a Watusi Repo to Cydia Sources.

Step 1 > Go to the Cydia app from your Home Screen.

Step 2 > Tap Sources tab > Edit > Add > Watusi 3 For WhatsApp Repo URL.

๐Ÿš€ Watusi 3 For WhatsApp Repo URL –

Step 3 > Install the package after looking for the tweak in the recently uploaded Watusi WhatsApp repo.

Step 4 > In order to implement modifications, restart the Springboard when requested.

Step 5 > Now you can use the Watusi WhatsApp.

How To Install Watusi IPA With AltStore

Here’s a simple guide to install Watusi IPA using AltStore, ensuring a smooth experience for iOS users.

Step 1: Requirements:

  • A computer running macOS or Windows
  • An internet connection
  • Apple ID (email & password)
  • For iOS 16 users, enabling Developer Mode is necessary (Settings > Privacy & Security > Developer Mode)
  • AltStore

Step 2: Download the Watusi IPA file from the provided link and transfer it to your phone using iCloud Drive, Airdrop, or any preferred method.

Step 3: Download and install AltServer.

Step 4: With your phone connected, right-click on the AltServer icon and select “Install AltStore,” followed by your phone’s name. Sign in with your Apple ID. Note that Two-factor Authentication is supported, but app-specific passwords are not.

Step 5: Ensure that no other WhatsApp version with the same bundle identifier is installed.

Step 5: Open AltStore and navigate to the “My Apps” tab. Tap the plus icon in the top right corner and open the IPA file. When prompted, sign in with your Apple ID. Remember that Two-factor Authentication is supported, but app-specific passwords are not.

Incredible Features Of Watusi 3 WhatsApp

๐Ÿ”’ Watusi 3 Privacy Features 

โœ… Watusi 3 can freeze your WhatsApp last seen.

โœ… Watusi 3 has the ability to disable both read and delivery receipts.

โœ… Incoming calls on WhatsApp can be blocked by Watusi 3.

โœ… Watusi 3 has a typing indicator disabler.

โœ… Watusi 3 can assist with privacy filtering for ‘My Contacts’.

๐Ÿ”Ž Watusi 3 Status Features 

โœ… Watusi 3 makes it simple to download statuses.

โœ… A status bar at the top of the chat list.

โœ… With Watusi 3, you may manually designate statuses as seen.

โœ… Profile picture statuses.

โœ… Watusi 3 keeps deleted statuses from WhatsApp contacts.

โœ… You may split videos to different states using Watusi 3.

๐Ÿ›ก๏ธ WhatsApp Protection Features 

โœ… Watusi 3 for whatsapp business app security options include Passcode and TouchID.

โœ… Remove barriers on particular WiFi

โœ… You may use Passcode/TouchID to secure your chats.

โœ… In Watusi 3, chats could be locked or unlocked with a cell swipe.

๐ŸŽต Watusi 3 Media Features 

โœ… There are multiple share sheet styles on WhatsApp++ Watusi 3.

โœ… Watusi 3 includes an image picker in its share sheet.

โœ… All of the chat’s media can be deleted.

โœ… Watusi 3 makes sharing device files simple.

โœ… Watusi 3 allows for limitless photo selection.

โœ… It lets you save profile pictures.

๐Ÿ’ฌ Watusi 3 Chats Features 

โœ… Wherever you are, you simply listen with WhatsApp audio messages at any speed.

โœ… Deleted messages in contacts can be stored.

โœ… In Watusi 3, extend the “Delete for Everyone” duration.

โœ… Watusi 3 allows you to press to record voice messages.

โœ… Images of the group members in the chat.

โœ… Watusi 3 has a section for chat details.

โœ… Capability to verify sticker sending.

โœ… Options are available in Watusi 3 to turn off the broadcast message indicator and the forwarded indicator.

๐Ÿ“ Watusi 3 Chats List Features 

โœ… Watusi 3 has an extremely simple chat list filter and sort.

โœ… Unlimited chats can be pinned.

โœ… You can modify every group on a single page.

โœ… Using a phone number, you may begin a new conversation.

โœ… In Watusi 3, use a long left swipe to remove a chat.

โœ… In-app browsers allow you to open URLs.

๐ŸŽจ Watusi 3 Theme Features 

โœ… Change the color of the app’s global tint.

โœ… Turn on “Dark Mode”

โœ… Change the colors of the bubble background in WhatsApp.

โœ… Modify background colors for bars.

โœ… Improve the appearance of your text and many more things.

๐Ÿ† Advanced WhatsApp++ Watusi 3 Features 

โœ… When receiving notifications or private messages with contact Picture can modify.

โœ…A message scheduler’s ability.

โœ… You can turn on the auto-reply feature.

โœ… You can reach out to spoofing.

โœ… Add wonderful Customized ringtones.

โœ… Chats may be easily hidden.

โœ… Nice sticker manager and a ton of other settings!

What Is Watusi 3 For WhatsApp Tweaks?

The most recent version of this all-in-one WhatsApp tweak, Watusi 3, is available. Watusi 3 for whatsapp install includes several practical features that let you customize practically every aspect of WhatsApp. The last version of WhatsApp that is still supported by Watusi 2 is 22.15.75.

After installation, Watusi 3 (Watusi whatsapp IPA) brings new settings into WhatsApp, enabling you to customize anything as desired. The developer divided all options into categories like Media, Privacy, Protection, Notifications, Status, General, Chat, Chat List, Interface and etc. due to the large number of options available.

A freemium tweak called Watusi 3 shows advertisements after installation. In addition to Watusi 2 for whatsapp download removing all advertisements, the full edition also unlocks several more functions, like the message scheduler, auto replay, hiding chats, contact spoofing, customized tones, and sticker editor. Increase the level of your privacy. Useful features for Watusi WhatsApp users include the ability to turn off read recipients, hide muted calls, turn off the typing indicator, keep hiding your online status, avoid sending your last seen status, freeze last seen, manually mark the view as first when opened, turn off the recording indicator, turn off call blocking, and turn off other functionalities.

Watusi 3 for whatsapp iOS uses a passcode to secure access to the chat or application. In watusi whatsapp iOS conversations, you may see and access a contact’s status by clicking on their profile image. Disable automatic marking of views, hidden status badges, reveal contact groups, divide lengthy movies, conceal muted statuses, or display a download button. 

Whatsapp Watusi 3 iPA for iOS 16 to 12

The Watusi 3 for WhatsApp hack also adds the ability to record audio messages, listen to them even while you are not in the conversation, watusi 3 for whatsapp IPA overcome the revocation time restriction, keep messages from removed contacts, obtain call verification, access URLs inside WhatsApp, and receive call notifications.

The Watusi 3 for whatsapp iOS mod includes a single advertisement banner on top of the conversations and is free to use, but you can buy a license from the settings to get rid of the advertisements and access certain premium features. Users of Watusi 2 receive a 25% discount off the one time license, which costs $9.99.

By tweeting about the Watusi whatsapp download app, you may activate every function of the modification for two days. Moreover, the Watusi 3 for WhatsApp tweak provides the ability to control all settings including export and import configuration as needed. Watusi 2 for whatsapp install with a single swipe, return all settings to their default defaults.

Who Developed Watusi 3 For WhatsApp?

iOS app developer Fouad Raheb developed Watusi WhatsApp. Also, he developed several helpful tweaks for iOS users, including AppData, FRPreferences, Localization, MonkeyDev, InstaConfirm, and Stalky tweak. Watusi 3 for whatsapp source code available in FouadRaheb/Watusi-for-WhatsApp GitHub.

What’s New In Watusi For WhatsApp?

  • Watusi 3 for whatsapp install enhancements and bug fixes for Audio Bar.
  • Encourage WA 22.20.75.
  • Watusi 3 for whatsapp no jailbreak available.
  • Watusi 3 for whatsapp download filter for the conversation list is now shown above the navigation bar.
  • The indication button for deleted messages now has an accessibility label.
  • Feature to conceal mute calls was fixed.
  • Improvements and fixes for the dark theme.
  • Release of Watusi 3 for WhatsApp!
  • Added Long press to schedule messages while using the send option.
  • WhatsApp Open Picture on Tap, Statuses on Chats, and Group Members Msgs Count bugs have been fixed.