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What Is

Are you an iOS user looking for Cydia, the popular app store for jailbroken devices? 

Beware of scam sites like that claim to provide Cydia but are actually survey scams. It’s important to stay cautious and avoid falling into their traps.

To access Cydia, you need to have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad. Without jailbreaking, you won’t be able to download the Cydia Official version. Scam sites like may deceive you by offering a demo version of Cydia with Apphacks download, but it’s not the real deal. Keep in mind that the genuine Cydia can only be installed after jailbreaking your iOS device.

We strongly advise staying away from these scam sites. Engaging with them will only lead to wasted time and frustration. Protect yourself by avoiding and similar scams. Instead, focus on legitimate methods of jailbreaking your device and accessing Cydia safely.

Official Link For

Cydia Official Website 

Are you one of the many people who have been confused by the multiple websites claiming to be the official Cydia website? 

It’s understandable, as there are numerous sites out there like,,,, and more. 

However, it’s important to know the true and official website of Cydia, which is

Cydia, the popular app store for jailbroken iOS devices, has a definitive official website managed by its creator, Jay Freeman (also known as Saurik). While other websites may try to imitate or offer Cydia-like services, is the only legitimate and trusted source for Cydia.

How To Install Cydia Via

Are you curious about how to obtain Cydia through It’s important to understand the truth behind this process to protect yourself from potential scams like Apphacks download. Let’s walk through the steps involved:

Step 1: Open the Safari browser on your iOS device and visit the website.

Step 2: Download and install the provided profile according to the instructions.

Step 3: Accessing different tabs within Cydia will redirect you to

Step 4: Tap on “Start Injection” to proceed.

Step 5: You will be redirected to another website where you need to complete a verification process by installing two specific apps. Follow the instructions precisely.

Step 6: After completing the steps, remember that you will not have access to the real Cydia. It is merely a demo version.

Step 7: To ensure your device’s security and a genuine Cydia experience, we strongly advise staying away from scam sites like

Stay informed and protect yourself from misleading scams. Choose reputable sources for your Cydia installation to fully enjoy its benefits and features on your iOS device. cydia official

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Why Is Running This Scam?

Discover the truth behind Apphacks download iOS’s scam and protect yourself from falling victim. Apphacks download iOS are involved in the Appnana CPA program, where they earn money when users complete offers. However, the unfortunate reality is that after completing an offer, you will receive nothing in return.


Many iOS users have a strong desire to download Cydia without having to jailbreak their devices. They may feel hesitant or fearful about the jailbreaking process, which leads them to search for alternative methods to obtain Cydia without jailbreaking.

Moreover, there is a lack of awareness among users that Cydia is specifically designed for jailbroken iOS devices. 

They are unaware that jailbreaking is a prerequisite for installing Cydia. This lack of knowledge often leads users to fall for scam sites like Apphacks download iOS, hoping to install Cydia without the need for jailbreaking. Unfortunately, these attempts result in wasted time and frustration, as they end up with nothing.

Scam sites like operate by making money from users who fill out surveys. They lure users by promising access to Cydia upon completion of the survey. 

However, it’s important to remember that there is no legitimate way to install Cydia without jailbreaking your iOS device. 

The only version you will get without jailbreaking is a limited demo version. Attempting to download Cydia on a non-jailbroken iOS device through these scams is simply a waste of time.

How Does Apphacks Co Cydia Work? 

The domain was registered on January 16, 2015, and the website can still be found today. However, it is crucial to emphasize that this website is a scam. We have thoroughly tested its claims and want to keep you informed about the truth.

🔴 Injection is Required: In order to access the full features of Cydia, we need to bypass the device’s sandbox environment. Fortunately, this process only needs to be completed once on your device.

🔴 Initiating the Injection Process: Once you tap on “Start injection,” you will be redirected to another page containing a list of apps.

🔴 Completing the Injection Process: To successfully complete the injection, you are required to install any two apps from the provided list and keep them open for a minimum of 60 seconds. 

Please note that when you install programs from this list, you will be directed to the Apple App Store.

Unfortunately, engaging in this process will only result in wasted time and effort, with no tangible benefits to be gained.

Most Trusted Method To Download Cydia [Latest]

Avoid using the scam website for downloading Cydia. Instead, you can rely on two trusted methods to download Cydia.

  1. Tethered Or Untethered Jailbreak Tools

These jailbreak tools offer a reliable way to download and install Cydia on your iOS device. Popular options like Checkra1n, Unc0ver, and Taurine Jailbreak are among the trusted tools that provide a system rooted jailbreak. They support iOS versions up to 14.8.1, giving you access to the full functionality of Cydia.

  1. Jailbreak Alternative Tools

For iOS 15 and higher versions, where traditional jailbreaking may not be available, there are online jailbreak alternative methods to obtain a limited functional version of Cydia. One of the most trusted jailbreak alternative tools is the iOSPack Store

These tools offer an alternative approach to installing Cydia and provide some essential features for customization and app management.

If you’re looking to download jailbreak tools or alternative options based on your specific iOS version, you can find the appropriate jailbreak tools by visiting the following pages.

iOS 17 Jailbreak 

iOS 16.6 Jailbreak 

iOS 16.5 Jailbreak 

iOS 16.4 / 16.4.1 Jailbreak 

iOS 16.3 / 16.3.1 Jailbreak 

iOS 16.2 Jailbreak 

iOS 16.1 – 16.1.2 Jailbreak 

iOS 15.7 – 15.7.6 Jailbreak 

iOS 15.5 / 15.6.1 Jailbreak 

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Please be cautious and avoid engaging with any of these scam websites, as they may not provide the promised services and could potentially compromise your device’s security. is not the correct website for apphacks. The real domain is

Many users mistakenly search for, but the official website is

To access the official website, you can use the following link: ““.

When you visit the correct website through Safari, you will be directed to the official page.

On the official website, you will find the necessary information and resources for iOS jailbreaks. cydia official website

Download Cydia For Android With android provides the option to download Cydia for Android devices as well. By following the steps below, you can easily get Cydia on your Android device.

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser on your Android device and navigate to the website On the website, you will find a download button. Simply click on it to initiate the download.

Step 2: Once the file is downloaded, you may encounter a message stating that your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps. In order to proceed, go to your device’s settings and enable the option to install apps from unknown sources. This will allow you to install the downloaded file.

Step 3: After the installation is complete, go to your device’s home screen and locate the Cydia icon. Tap on the icon to open the Cydia app on your Android device.

Step 4: Similar to iOS devices, when you tap on any of the features within Cydia, you may encounter an “Injection Required” pop-up message. To proceed, tap on “Start Injection”. You will then be prompted to install two apps within 60 seconds, following the provided instructions. cydia android

Please note that the process of downloading Cydia on Android devices through is similar to the process for non-jailbroken iOS devices. 

It’s important to be aware that this process may be time-consuming and the version of Cydia you obtain will be a demo version with limited functionality. 

Therefore, it is important to understand that you may not gain access to the full range of features and functionalities that a jailbroken iOS device would offer.

Other Popular Cydia Cydia Scam Websites


These websites mentioned above share similarities with However, it’s essential to avoid falling victim to survey scams. To jailbreak and install Cydia on your iOS device, always rely on official jailbreak websites or reputable services that prioritize user safety and provide reliable jailbreaking options.

🔺 is a scam website that falsely claims to offer jailbreaking services for iOS devices. However, they provide no evidence or proof of their capability. 

These scam sites typically make money by tricking users into completing surveys, which can be risky as it may expose your device to malware. It is strongly advised to avoid such websites and opt for official jailbreak techniques if you wish to jailbreak your device. Rushing to find shortcuts may lead to disappointment and ultimately result in wasting your time with no fruitful outcome.

🔺 is a website that targets gamers by offering the promise of unlimited resources and premium features in popular games like Pokemon Go, COD Mobile, Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, and GTA 5 Mobile. While it may seem enticing, it’s important to exercise caution. 

In reality, these websites often fail to deliver on their promises and can pose security risks. It is advisable to rely on legitimate sources for enhancing your gaming experience and avoid using such unauthorized tools.

🔺 claims to provide an easy solution for obtaining unlimited resources in games like Free Fire. However, it’s important to be skeptical of such claims. While they may generate resources on a daily basis, the quantity offered may not be sufficient, and there’s no guarantee of continued support. 

It is recommended to rely on official in-app purchases or legitimate methods to enjoy games without compromising your device’s security.

🔺 is a reputable jailbreak tool based on the checkm8 exploit, which enables jailbreaking on all iOS devices. It is a reliable and trusted method for those who wish to customize their iOS experience. 

Always use Checkra1n official jailbreak websites or trusted services to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the jailbreak process.


Unc0ver is a jailbreak tool that unlocks the full potential of your iOS device, allowing customization and freedom within the boundaries of your device’s capabilities.

Official Methods To Install Cydia On Your iOS Device

It’s important to understand that attempting to use for this purpose is a waste of time. 

Instead, if you’re looking to download and install Cydia on your iPhone or iPad, the recommended approach is to jailbreak your iOS device using reliable jailbreak tools such as Unc0ver, Taurine, Checkra1n, and more. 

These jailbreak tools not only provide the means to unlock your device’s full potential but also include Cydia as an integrated app manager. Once your device is successfully jailbroken, you’ll have access to a fully functional Cydia app store.

How To Install Cydia Officially » vs

When you visit the website, you will be redirected to Both of these sites are known to be survey scams, so it is strongly advised not to engage with them if you are looking to download a legitimate system-rooted Cydia or a functional Cydia with essential features.

It is important to note that authentic system-rooted Cydia or functional Cydia versions do not require you to download three apps and run them for 60 seconds in order to install Cydia. 

These deceptive practices are primarily employed to generate revenue through the CPA (cost per acquisition) and PPI (pay per install) programs.

These programs operate on both online and offline advertising payment models. By leveraging the pay per lead agreement, the scammers can earn money by incentivizing higher app installations and having users run them for a specific duration, typically 60 seconds.

It is crucial to avoid and as they are involved in survey scams and utilize deceptive methods for financial gain. Instead, opt for trusted sources to ensure a safe and genuine Cydia installation experience.

Cydia Vs

Cydia is a popular app that can only be installed on iOS devices through the jailbreaking process. It provides additional functionalities and customization options for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. 

However, claims to be the exclusive provider of Cydia installation for all iOS versions, which is misleading and deceptive. Let’s explore the fake aspects of their scam Cydia installation.

Firstly, according to their website at, supposedly supports Android devices as well. 

In reality, installing third-party apps on Android devices does not require jailbreaking, making this claim a clear indicator of their fraudulent practices.

Another red flag is encountered when clicking on any link provided on Instead of being directed to official sources related to Cydia, you are led to an “Injection Required” page. 

Legitimate Cydia installations have official links to Saurik’s official Facebook page and the official Cydia page, not random injection prompts.

The jailbreak process is the legitimate method to obtain Cydia. However, insists on installing and completing instructions for two unrelated apps in order to access the desired Cydia content. 

This step is designed to generate revenue through CPA (cost per acquisition) or PPI (pay per install) programs. Consequently, we can confidently conclude that this is yet another fake aspect used to identify the scam nature of