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Plampy UI Control Center With Misaka KFD & MacDirtyCow Mining [No Jailbreak]

Plampy UI Control Center With Misaka KFD & MDC Misaka IPA

Plampy Settings offers a visually refreshing makeover for the Settings app, enhancing the user experience on MacDirtyCow devices and iOS devices supported by the KFD exploit, all without the need for jailbreaking.

Created by the talented iOS developer YangJii, Plampy UI Control Center introduces a stylish and modern user interface to the Control Center, enhancing it with new icon glyphs courtesy of the Misaka app.

Plampy UI Control Center With Misaka KFD & MacDirtyCow Mining

Enhance Your Control Center With Plampy UI Via Misaka Tweak Manager

What Is Plampy UI Control Center?

If you own a device running MacDirtyCow-vulnerable firmware like iOS or iPadOS 15.0 – iOS 16.1.2, then you’re in for a treat. iOS developer YangJiii has introduced an exciting Control Center add-on called Plampy UI Control Center, designed to elevate your Control Center’s aesthetics. Plampy UI revamps the appearance of icons and glyphs in the Control Center toggle buttons, adding a touch of eye candy to your iOS device.

Customize Control Center on iPhone:

Plampy UI Control Center works its magic by transforming the icons and glyphs of the toggle buttons, making them visually appealing. If you appreciate a dash of style and want to make your Control Center look spiffy, Plampy UI is the perfect addition.

Easy Installation and Re-Enabling:

Once installed, the changes are instant, and you’ll notice the enhanced visuals of the toggle buttons. However, it’s essential to know that due to its MacDirtyCow-based nature, the icons revert to their defaults after a reboot. The good news is that re-enabling the add-on is a breeze, ensuring you can maintain the stunning new look of your Control Center.

Compatibility and Jailbreak-Free:

Plampy UI Control Center is compatible with devices running MacDirtyCow-vulnerable firmware, including iOS and iPadOS versions 15.0 to 16.1.2. The best part is that using the MacDirtyCow exploit doesn’t require a jailbreak, making it accessible to even the latest Apple devices as long as they’re on a supported firmware version.

MacDirtyCow-Based Add-On:

As a MacDirtyCow-based add-on, it’s essential to be aware that the icons and glyphs will revert to their defaults after a reboot. However, the process of re-enabling the add-on is straightforward, ensuring that you can quickly restore the enhanced look. The best part is that you don’t need a jailbreak to leverage the MacDirtyCow exploit, making it compatible with the latest Apple devices as long as they’re running a supported firmware version.

Expanding Support with Misaka for KFD:

With the release of Misaka for KFD and the emergence of the kfd jailbreak exploit, many MacDirtyCow add-ons, including Plampy UI Control Center, are gaining support for firmware up to iOS 16.5 and 16.6 beta 1. However, it remains to be seen if Plampy UI Control Center will receive KFD support for compatible devices.

If you want to elevate your Control Center experience and add a dash of elegance to your iOS device, Plampy UI Control Center is a must-have add-on. With easy installation and support for MacDirtyCow-vulnerable firmware, it lets you enjoy a visually pleasing Control Center without the need for a jailbreak. Stay tuned for updates on KFD support, and get ready to make your Control Center interface look nicer with Plampy UI Control Center add-on via Misaka Tweak Manager.

How To Install Plampy UI Control Center

Plampy UI Control Center, a beloved customization option, can be easily obtained through the Misaka app without requiring a jailbreak.

The Misaka tweak manager serves as the key to access Plampy UI Control Center, offering similar functionality to Sileo and Cydia but tailored for devices with MDC mining.

To enjoy the benefits of Plampy UI Control Center, you can find it on the “YangJiii Repo’s” repository within the Misaka app, simplifying the installation process.

🚀 Install Misaka Tweak Manager IPA for iOS

Revamp Your Settings App With Plampy Settings – No Jailbreak Needed!

What Is Plampy Settings?

Plampy Settings is an exciting addition to iOS customization, offering a fresh and consistent look for the Settings app. Developed by iOS developer YangJii, Plampy Settings introduces a similar aesthetic to the icons found in your Settings app, providing a better and more visually appealing interface. The best part? You don’t need a jailbreak to enjoy these enhancements.

Customize Settings App:

By installing Plampy Settings, you’ll notice a transformation in the icons to the left of each preference pane in the primary interface. This aesthetic change brings a cohesive look to your iOS device, aligning with the Control Center modifications you may have already made. The result is a visually harmonious and refreshing experience.

Jailbreak-Free Customization:

Unlike traditional theming tweaks that often require a jailbroken device, Plampy Settings offers customization without the need for a jailbreak. This means you can enjoy a revamped Settings app on your iOS device without any complicated modifications.

Compatible with MacDirtyCow-Vulnerable Firmware:

Plampy Settings, like other MacDirtyCow add-ons, works seamlessly on iOS or iPadOS versions 15.0 to 16.1.2. The good news is that it’s compatible with Apple’s latest devices as well, as it doesn’t rely on jailbreak for installation. The MacDirtyCow exploit allows these add-ons to access system kernel memory, making the customization possible.

Gaining Support for KFD Jailbreak Exploit:

Excitingly, many MacDirtyCow add-ons, including Plampy Settings, are expanding their support to firmware versions up to iOS 16.5 and 16.6 beta 1. This progress is achieved through the utilization of another kernel memory read/write exploit called kfd. However, whether Plampy Settings will receive support for newer firmware remains to be seen with the Misaka KFD app.

If you desire a fresh and consistent look for your Settings app without the need for a jailbreak, Plampy Settings is the perfect solution. With its aesthetically pleasing changes and compatibility with newer iOS versions, it elevates your iOS customization experience. Stay tuned for updates on firmware support, and enhance your Settings app with Plampy Settings today!

How To Install Plampy Settings

Plampy Settings, a powerful customization tool, is available as a free download via the Misaka package manager app, compatible with MacDirtyCow devices.

If you haven’t used the Misaka IPA app before, you can easily follow the Misaka KFD and MDC walkthrough and tutorial to get started and explore its benefits.

🚀 Install Misaka Using MacDirtyCow & KFD Exploits

Plampy Settings With Misaka KFD & MacDirtyCow Mining No Jailbreak

Plampy Control Center Settings Compatibility

📱 Misaka MDC Option: Supports iOS 15.0 – iOS 15.7.1 and  iOS 16.0 – iOS 16.1.2.

📱 Misaka KFD Option: Compatible with A12 – A16 devices (iPhone Xs to iPhone 14 Pro Max) on iOS 16.2 – iOS 16.5 and iOS 16.6b1.

⚠️ Device-Specific Usage: MDC devices are exclusively for MDC, and KFD devices should only use KFD for the best results.