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Serotonin Jailbreak Download for iOS 16.0 – 16.6.1 [Latest]

Serotonin Jailbreak Download for iOS 16.0 – 16.6.1

Serotonin SpringBoard Tweak Injection Toolbox 

Download Serotonin IPA for SpringBoard tweak injection on iOS/iPadOS 16.0 – 16.6.1, providing Serotonin tweak injection and semi-jailbreak with KFD exploit and RootHide Bootstrap support. Serotonin SpringBoard tweak injection tool allows users to install jailbreak tweaks.

Download Serotonin Jailbreak IPA

Serotonin jailbreak SpringBoard tweak injection is available as a TIPA package, which users can conveniently download and import into the TrollStore 2 IPA Installer.

What is Serotonin Jailbreak?

Serotonin jailbreak is a SpringBoard tweak injection toolbox for iOS 16.2 – 16.6.1 devices, offering a non/semi-jailbreak solution. It allows users to customize the Lock Screen, Home Screen, and Control Center without fully jailbreaking their device. 

Serotonin jailbreak does not require a jailbroken environment and functions similarly to KFDmineek. Serotonin jailbreak works on all modern devices, including iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, and others. However, it is important to note that iOS 17.0 is currently not supported.

How to install Serotonin Jailbreak for iOS 16.0 – 16.6.1

How to install Serotonin Jailbreak IPA

Serotonin jailbreak IPA can be effortlessly installed on your iOS device using either the TrollStore or TrollStore 2 IPA installers. If you prefer alternative methods, you can also install Serotonin IPA with PC using Sideloadly, AltStore, Bullfrog Assistant, or Esign.

Step 1: Install TrollStore 2 on your iOS device.

Step 2: Download the Serotonin TIPA from the provided link.

Step 3: Open TrollStore 2 on your Home Screen.

Step 4: Import the Serotonin TIPA into TrollStore 2.

Step 5: Proceed with the installation process.

Step 6: Open the Settings app and go to Privacy & Security.

Step 7: In the Security section, enable Developer Mode and restart your device.

Step 8: Connect your iPhone to a PC or Mac and turn on Developer Mode.

Step 9: Install RootHide Bootstrap IPA on your iOS 16 device.

🚀 Download RootHide Bootstrap IPA »

Step 10: Activate tweak injection into Serotonin using the Bootstrap app.

Step 11: Install ElleKit using the Sileo package manager.

Step 12: Open Serotonin app from your Home Screen.

Following these steps will ensure a successful installation of Serotonin jailbreak IPA on your iOS device.

How to Use Serotonin SpringBoard Tweak Injection

To use Serotonin jailbreak for iOS 16.2 – 16.6.1, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and Install RootHide Bootstrap IPA.

Step 2: Install ElleKit from the Sileo package manager.

Step 3: Download the Serotonin .tipa file using the button above.

Step 4: Install the downloaded Serotonin IPA file in TrollStore.

Step 5: Open the Serotonin app and press the “Jailbreak” button. Your device should undergo a user-space reboot, and you should be (not/semi) 

Serotonin Jailbreak for iOS 16.0 – 16.6.1

How to Install Tweaks with Serotonin Jailbreak and RootHide Bootstrap

Step 1: Begin by installing Elekit on your iOS device.

Step 2: After Elekit installation, initiate a respring within RootHide Bootstrap.

Step 3: Following the semi-jailbreak, your device will undergo a user-space reboot.

Step 4: Open RootHide Bootstrap and tap on “Restart Server” for optimal functionality.

Step 5: Head to Sileo and install your desired tweak to enhance your iOS experience.

Step 6: Install RootHide Patcher and convert it to a .deb file.

Step 7: Share the .deb file to Sileo for the seamless installation of the supported tweak.

By following these steps, you can unlock new features and customize your iOS device with tweaks using Serotonin Jailbreak and RootHide Bootstrap.

Serotonin Tweak Injection and Semi-Jailbreak Features

✅ Tweak Injection: Install jailbreak tweaks effortlessly with Serotonin ElleKit tweak injector, designed for arm64e devices on iOS 16.0 through 16.6.11 via Sileo.

✅ Semi-Jailbreak: Serotonin, utilizing the KFD exploit, offers a semi-jailbreak solution compatible with iPhone XS to iPhone 14.

✅ Customization: Transform Lock Screen, Home Screen, and Control Center aesthetics with Serotonin. Customize notifications and install tweaks seamlessly.

✅ No Jailbreak: Serotonin operates without a jailbroken environment, supporting iOS 16.0 through 16.6.1.

✅ User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a fresh UI design and easy configuration options. Reinstall Bootstrap or restore the system effortlessly.

Serotonin Jailbreak Compatibility

Serotonin Jailbreak Supported Devices

  • All modern devices (A12+) are supported by Serotonin Jailbreak.
  • Planned support for older (arm64) devices, such as iPhone X, iPhone 8, and more.

Serotonin Jailbreak Supported iOS Versions

  • Serotonin Jailbreak takes advantage of the recently updated KFD exploit, specifically puaf_landa.
  • Supports iOS versions 16.0 up to iOS 16.6.1.
  • iOS 17.0 is currently not supported, despite having an exploit for it.
  • Installation is currently limited to iOS 16.6.1 and lower.
Serotonin SpringBoard tweak injection for iOS 16

Best Serotonin Jailbreak Tweaks List for iOS 16.2 – 16.6.1

Here is a list of Serotonin Jailbreak-supported jailbreak tweaks. Following the installation of these tweaks through the Serotonin jailbreak, users can effortlessly customize their iPhone or iPad’s home screen, lock screen, control center, notification style and more. 

  1. April
  2. Atria
  3. NewTerm3
  4. Phone Enhancer 15
  5. BatteryBuddy
  6. DoubleTapToLock
  7. AutoUnlockX
  8. Neofetch
  9. Speedster
  10. Velvet 2
  1. Bolders Reborn
  2. Snowboard
  3. ColorMyBattery
  4. Designer
  5. Jade
  6. PinAnim
  7. SkinnySettings
  8. Snapper 2
  9. 3DAppVersionSpoofer
  10. AdvancedBrightnessSlider

Install the best tweaks and repositories compatible with iOS 15, iOS 16, and iOS 17 through Cydia and Sileo.

A12+ Semi Jailbreak for iOS 16 – 16.6.1

Unlock new possibilities with Serotonin jailbreak, a semi-jailbreak designed for iOS 16.0 – 16.6.1 on all A12+ Devices, including iPhone 11 and iPhone 13. Serotonin seamlessly integrates TrollStore 2, RootHide Bootstrap, and the Serotonin app, providing a jailbreak-like experience. Enjoy functional tweaks, even within SpringBoard, alongside Sileo, a genuine bootstrap, and a variety of additional features”.

Serotonin Jailbreak Changelog

Serotonin v1.2.1

  • Fixed memory hogger issue.
  • Resolved exploit picker bug.
  • Adjusted launchd entitlements.
  • Removed unused code.
  • Implemented slight UI changes.

Serotonin v1.1.0

  • Added patchfinder using tihmstar’s libpatchfinder, now ported to iOS as libiospatchfinder.
  • Fixed support for iOS 16.0-16.1.2 and 16.6.1 using patchfinder.
  • All arm64e devices now work seamlessly without the need for device-specific offsets. (arm64 support expected in a future release)